Innovative fresher hiring through internships!

Let me ask you this question: Does hiring the right fresher talent for your company eat up a lot of your time and resources?

To be honest, till about a year back, fresher hiring was a PAIN for us too! We used to conduct interviews over lunch with the phone in one hand and a sandwich in the other. Our most productive employees and our top management spent almost a third of their time interviewing and testing candidates who could be potential fresher hires! Really, how else would we find out whether the candidate:

  • - is capable of doing some real work
  • - has the right attitude and fits into our company’s culture

We were desperate to find an easier way out to recruit the right fresher talent! That is when we discovered the most innovative way to hire freshers – Internships! Of course, the concept of internships is not new and hiring freshers through internships has now become a norm in the developed countries. We adopted an internship program in our company. Since then, there has been no turning back!

Best part - We realized that we were not alone! Over 1600 companies across the country had already discovered the benefits of recruiting through internships and have now partnered with us to use our platform ( to hire interns!

The biggest appeal of hiring through interns is that we get to assess our potential employees (college students) based on their real work. We get to see their attitude, willingness to learn, ability to deliver and their fit into the team, first hand. No resume or any amount of interviewing and testing will give us a better judgment of a candidate than internships!

For those who are new to connects the smart and passionate students from over 1700 colleges across India to companies looking to offer them interesting opportunities.

Find out how you can use to posting internships and recruit smart interns! If you need help in designing your internship program, feel free to mail us at

Alright, I just finished my sandwich! Hope this article helps you enjoy your lunches in peace. Wish you the best with fresher hiring.

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