An inspiring success story- Jack Ma

Jack Ma's success story is one that inspires students from around the globe. His exploits in e-commerce market are tell an inspired tale.

Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma, is a well known entrepreneur across the world. His story is one of perseverance, drive and risk-taking. He was a man with very little to fall back on and his tale from nothing to one of the richest people on the planet is like a fable.

You would expect the executive chairman of a multinational like Alibaba group to have excellent academic credentials and be a jewel of a student. He failed to get into any university after multiple attempts and in the end got into one that was hardly palatable. In that university, he was one of the worst students. The bad student part is what people saw- the reality was he was  great learner. Jack Ma’s story is one that inspires millions of students in Asia, where academic genius is considered a must for a successful career.

The Hangzhou Normal University today
The Hangzhou Normal University today

The Hangzhou born tycoon was rejected by 30 companies according to the man himself. His career got a kickstart when he and his friend designed a website which is probably one of the first instances of China’s presence on the worldwide web. He then created a company called China Yellow Pages that used to create websites for different groups and companies. He took a loan of 20,000 dollars to get that company started- today he heads a company worth billions.



Leading this company made him well-known in the corporate world. Many may think that although he was a slacker in college, he was good at web development. The astounding thing is, he never wrote any code. He ran the company with his relentless efforts and that is all it takes to reach the top. He never gave up on his dreams and after a brief stint elsewhere, he set up Alibaba at Hangzhou in 1999. The e-commerce market was not developed enough to make Alibaba a huge hit. What Ma did about this shows why he is one of the greatest visionaries in the world. He founded Taobao marketplace, Lynx, Alipay and Ali Mama in a few years to create an environment his company could thrive on. From normal shopkeepers to Government officials, everybody was skeptic about his work.

The empire that he built provided a humongous number of jobs to people in China. In 2010, Ma was selected by Forbes Asia as one of Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy for his contribution to disaster relief and poverty. In 2012, Alibaba completed 1 trillion Yuans worth transactions. Jack Ma was nicknamed ‘trillion Hou’ in China and became a celebrated figure throughout the world.


Today, he is ranked 2nd in the Fortune’s list of world’s 50 greatest leaders. The rise of Jack Ma is a story that gives hope to millions of students who have failed to achieve what they expected to at some point. If a boy who roams around hotels to learn English from foreign tourists can become one of the most respected people on the planet, then dedication can take us anywhere. Jack Ma represents China’s advancement in the corporate world and the fruits that a well-fought struggle can bear- no matter what the odds.

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