“I was lonely and I needed something to keep me going”, says this passionate intern from Twenty19

There could be a fewer subtle incidents in our lives that might have changed the way we think and work once for all. Read further to know how it changed this Psychology graduate's life.

I have been thinking for a while on how certain things change our life once for all. There could be a fewer subtle incidents in our lives that might have changed the way we think or how our perspective works towards things, completely. We all might have experienced that at some point of life. One such incident happened with our Intern, Chenna Chakravarthy, who have keen passion towards human psychology and he talks about what made his life productive and beautiful when he was actually struggling to fight with the loneliness.



Chenna Chakravarthy, had graduated from Loyola Academy Degree and PG College, Secunderabad. After completing degree, he was constantly searching something to suffice his mental crave. He was interested in anything which kept him busy and productive. Everyday, He looks for opportunities which could help him to become a better person than he was in his yesterdays. So, we thought of talking to him and understand things, which wasn’t a tough row to hoe. He was such a sweetheart, who was so patient and had given sharp-cut answers even for our head-scratching kind of queries.

Thank you Chenna, for taking the time to share your experiences with us and our readers.

We will start off with your hobbies, Chenna. I am sure you will have very distinctive ways to kill your free time.

(Haha..) Yeah, I love reading editorials and columns in newspapers to read mainstream literature, they keep me so engaged. I do paint, sometimes. Of course, I love reading and I always keep scribbling things down.

Tell us about your passion, please.

My passion is always inclined towards research and teaching. However I want to see myself as an established writer in the long run.

That’s amazing. Good luck on that, Chenna. We have to know that how did you heard of us, Twenty19.com?

I think that was the best summer holidays I have ever had. I decided to spend the time at home productive and to keep myself engaged. So as I was scouting for work from home internships, I found Twenty19 in The Hindu. Excited as I was to see the advertisement, the more I was surprised to see a plethora of internships on different fields. I am into writing as I said, and so, I have applied for content writing internships at three companies right away.

 Why did you think you chose Twenty19.com over the other portals?

First of all, I fell in love with the color combination and the design of the portal. Apart from that, I felt comfortable in navigating through the website. It’s very easy to apply for any number of internships. Even though I know nothing about how internships work, twenty19 takes the total credit for what I have done as an intern. I used to follow the Twenty19 blog from the time I was associated with Twenty19. These articles guided me through the journey.

Where did you do your first internship and brief the nature of the job and your experience?

First experience is always special. My first internship happened to be with Nettv4u. I was a newbie for writing then. My role is to write four biographies of celebrities per day, provided the format to write and name of the celebrities. I had to research a lot and write an article and mail them. After I saw my articles published on their website, though without author credits, I felt immense pleasure in it. It is thoroughly an engaging and a fruitful experience all through my summer days.

If you could state 3 qualities that you have taken out from the internship, what will it be?

Firstly, l learnt that there is a huge market for quality content writing. Internships will help you understand how it works. Secondly, I came in terms with the quality standards a company or a website will look for in an intern and tried to raise my standards. Thirdly, I learnt the habit of being on time, punctuality and managing deadlines which will definitely help me in managing professionalism in corporate world.

Perfect, There might have been quite a lot of challenges and tell us how have you overcame them.

Yes, there were challenges. In the beginning, I couldn’t believe how people can create content of 1600 words per day. I had to face difficulties related to the quantity of work and at the same time I do not compromise with the quality. In order to cope with the procedure, it takes time and Nettv4u have mastered the art of teaching their interns virtually what they have to do. I still remember how I struggled to write only two bios on the very first day. But, there were days when I wrote even six bios in a single day. I am really glad that I did it.

From what you say, I can understand that these internships have a great impact on you. How do you think it will help you in the future?

It does. I am sure that I can have content writer on my list of preferred professions in the future. Also, though not life changing decisions, I have learnt a lot going through the lives of celebrities. Their biographies turned out to be my best life lessons ever. The biography of Robert Atkinson is what I can never forget.

Any word for the students who wish to try internship via twenty19.com?

Oh, there is a lot to say but I will just keep this one simple. Twenty19 has helped me heaps and it will certainly help you too. All that you have to do is to login and approach.

While talking with Chenna, we understood where we stand and what kind of great contribution we, Twenty19 is making in students’ lives. He also said that Twenty19 helped him to eradicate loneliness from hislife and to learn the value of money. He further added, Twenty19 has always its share in his growth.

With a very happy note, we signed off from the passionate, to-be established writer from the future.

So, why are you waiting?? Visit Twenty19 to become more powerful and feel confident also to find your passion.


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