“Interns are much more open to learning and experimentation, as opposed to a regular employee” Vijay Khubchandani


Vijay Khubchandani, Founder of MoneyLeo speaks to us on how interns were a great help in solving their talent crunch.

About MoneyLeo

Moneyleo.com is an online loan comparison & application portal . We enable our customers to COMPARE, SELECT & APPLY for Loans with multiple loan providers of their choice by using a single online loan application form, thus saving a lot of their precious time and money.

Our product pages are designed to give our customers extensive information on the many attributes and complex dimensions of varied loan products in the form of Interactive and user friendly tables for a rich browsing experience.We keep updating the pricing and product attributes of all the products that we offer at regular intervals. This enables our customers to be informed and empowers them to bargain with banks and financial institutions for the best deal available.

The Crunch

May it be a traditional offline sales business or a highly technical digital startup space one always faces a challenge of finding the right talent. One of the most common mistakes that i committed was to try and find my own replica in an employee which was not only tough but counter-productive and frustrating.
Personally, I didn’t find it very difficult to hire people for my first offline sales venture but finding a good team member for my tech startup had been fairly tricky. Perhaps because I have a commerce and finance background and people with a technical background tend to hesitate in joining someone who doesn’t share the same knowledge or skill set as theirs.

The Aid

We tried to solve this problem like how most companies have been doing for the past decade. We approached placement companies, posted vacancies on online job portals, inserted paper flyers and also had on campus recruitments. All these methods helped me hire people but consumed a lot of my personal time.

Interns were definitely an instant solution to the talent crunch we faced. They were really handy and also much more open to learning and experimentation as opposed to a regular employee. Also interns like to do quality work irrespective of the remuneration or stipend being offered.

What Interns Work at MoneyLeo

We have been hiring interns for various roles :

– Ios Developer
– Content Writer
– PHP Developer
– Web Designer

We will definitely continue to hire more as and when the requirement arises.

The Twenty19 Knot

Twenty19 came really handy and resourceful in fulfilling our talent requirements.Hiring interns is a niche segment in the overall job market but it is the most promising one.

Twenty19 is doing a fabulous job by providing a no-frills online platform where all recruiters and students can come together and collaborate. So I would recommend every startup no matter how big or small to definitely try Twenty19.com for their hiring needs.

Customer experience series is a space to feature our customers, their experiences with their interns and what they have in store for prospective students. If you would like your company to be featured, please get in touch with varna@twenty19.com


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