“Interns are the backbone of Polka Cafe” – Gautam Mahajan

Gautam Mahajan, Content Manager of Polka Cafe talks to us on how interns became a strong link to their recruitment process.

About Polka Cafe

polka logoAs the name suggests Polka Cafe is a fun online place to linger around, lounge around and discover new things about people, products and services.

In here you will find interesting stories on fashion, restaurants, travel, food, shopping, home, living, art (photography and music), weddings, beauty ,fitness, health, relationships etc. often shared by interesting people.

We believe that everyone is looking for quality content online, something they can use in their day-to-day lives, rather than the fluff that is served to them on a daily basis, and we provide our audience with the most  original content out there.

The Trouble

Since we are a destination that is all about new age writing and quality visuals, we did find it a little difficult to look for people.  A major problem we faced is finding people that believe in the company mission and truly understand what we are all about.

After a lot of searching networking and with a bit of luck, we were able to find right people, who have all carved a niche for themselves in the organisation. It was then that we realized how many people believe in our mission, which was a major morale booster.

The Joy

polkaInterns were a great solution to us especially for our kind of business, as we are all new media.  We believe that if you can positively motivate a candidate, they can surprise you with their abilities and will to learn

It was quite a natural progression, really. We knew from the first few days which interns made the cut and which didn’t. The ones who were dedicated and motivated were trained in different disciplines and were given JDs based on their strengths.

The Twenty19 Connect


We sourced a majority of our online writers and in-house interns through twenty19. The Customer Happiness cell helped us greatly, something we are very appreciative of.

Twenty19 has been really helpful in giving us the right set of writers who contribute great content for Polka.

 Now Interns have become the backbone of Polka Cafe and we are hiring interns all throughout the year.

 Customer experience series is a space to feature our customers, their experiences with their interns and what they have in store for prospective students. If you would like your company to be featured, please get in touch with varna@twenty19.com

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