“All Interns I hired did a cracker of a job at Krea” – Pravin Shekar

Pravin Shekar, Founder of Krea talks to us on how he solved his talent crunch by recruiting interns for his company.

About KreaPravin

With one of the largest Indian Healthcare panels, Krea is blazing its way – re-energizing healthcare research and data collection in India.

We believe that for countries like India, it is a mix of access panels and fieldwork that holds the key for effective research. Our Indian Healthcare panels are supplemented by our India Field Network, shortening the time for data-collection.

It’s all about India: Physicians, Patients, Pharmacists, Nurses, KOLs and custom-connect (Payers, Purchase Managers, Decision Makers, Hospital owners).

Krea → Pumping-up Healthcare Data collection in India!

The Bind

As a start up, hiring is purely on personal branding – and standing. A start up per se, for some time, is only defined by the founders.

Therefore, we faced the usual problems of starry-eyed resources who had large-brands in their mind, but not the required openings (there!)…. However, with the right network and connects we tried sorting this out.

A start up is a start up and offers a unique learning experience and it is our job to communicate that clearly! To ensure that they know what they are getting into. Impromptu parties, escapes, late-night candle-burning work, a role that ranges from an office-boy to social-media-guru!

The Fix

Krea traditional1We solved it majorly by recruiting interns across functions. From a start up, when we were one functional glob to the time we were evolving into marketing and sales and background research and operations. We have had interns for each of these roles and most of them have done a cracker of a job.

The core learning that any intern takes away from Krea is to get over the fear of talking to strangers. Krea is in the world of market research. The crux of the job involves a whale of communication and by the time the internship is complete, he/she has built a thick skin and takes on any challenge with a smile

The Twenty19 Connect

Avatar1-150x150We’ve been a twenty19 fan for quite some time now and used it extensively to hire interns for Krea.

Ease of recruitment makes me come back to Twenty19 frequently. I run a lean company at Krea and cannot have a bloated support team.

When someone like Twenty19 does a focused work in matching the right interns to my need, it only leaves the selection and operations to me (or my resources). That frees up a lot of time. And for a start up, time is money!

 Customer experience series is a space to feature our customers, their experiences with their interns and what they have in store for prospective students. If you would like your company to be featured, please get in touch with varna@twenty19.com

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