“Interns were a great stop gap solution for Us” – Just Eat

Rakesh Rajan, Head – Human Resources
of Just Eat speaks to us on how internships as a concept was useful for their company’s hiring needs.

About Just Eat

JUST EAT India is India’s premier online food ordering portal and table reservation website,headquartered in Bangalore and with branches in Delhi, Mumbai, plus a host of smaller cities and expanding rapidly.

With over 2500 restaurants, 52 cuisines and 3 lakh dishes to choose from, JUST EAT’s reliable one-click ordering system has greatly simplified the entire process of ordering food online.

What once started as HungryZone with 15 restaurants on board on 26 July, 2006, tied-up with the JUST EAT Group on 17 Jan, 2011, to expand its services to several cities across the country, and is now serving over 3.5 lakh registered foodies all over India.


The Crunch

Hiring is always extraordinarily challenging, time consuming, and mentally draining. Our biggest challenge is to find a resource that has or can develop the same line of thinking with the rest of the team (be it commercials or culture).

As we were always striving/ looking at to hire very talented resources that are willing to take the challenge as the entrepreneurs do, and think more about the vision of the company than the money.

These where the main problems that we faced in terms of recruiting talent for Just Eat.

The Quick Fix

“We are successful in recruiting right interns by telling our growth story, explaining our vision, Mission and Values in how the candidate will be an important part of reaching that goal.

We also highlight and explain our financial situation in regards to funding, profitability and expected growth.”

Internships were not a permanent solution for our hiring problem; however If we look at hiring interns from a stop gap solution perceptive they were advantageous and a great help in accomplishing our primary objectives.


The Twenty19 Connect

It was a pleasure to use Twenty19 for hosting our internship requirements. Every aspect of the service has been beyond reproach.

The biggest benefit that we learnt from using Twenty19 to hire interns is its an excellent way to accomplish your primary objectives. An immediate and an effective solution to solve your hiring needs.

Hiring interns and converting them to full time employees has given us a definite increase in productivity and  they have also been a great cultural fit in the company.Thanks a million to Twenty19 team.

Customer experience series is a space to feature our customers, their experiences with their interns and what they have in store for prospective students. If you would like your company to be featured, please get in touch with varna@twenty19.com

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