” My Internship experience has moulded me into a better person when it comes to profession. I am not scared of interviews anymore” says this passionate VJ

It is always a pleasant experience talking to a an adoloscent college student who has a sense of purpose in his/ her life. Sherly Hephzibah is one such student who has her life figured out. She has a clarity about her life that most students of this generation lack. She is a Video Jockey and has completed 17 internships as a Student ambassador, Content writer and Voice over artist.

She humbly agreed with a smile to share an insight about her life with us.

Hi Sherly, Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. What can you tell us about your life ?

I am Sherly Hephzibah J, and I am a video jockey. I did my BA English in WCC, Chennai and  am currently doing my post graduation at Sathyabama University. I’ve attended workshops on modern teaching pedagogy, and patenting, filing techniques and gender Dynamics. So far, I’ve completed 17 internships, as a student ambassador, HR, content writer and Voice over artist

 What is your passion in life?

Even as a kid, I was naturally inclined towards music and has been singing for the past 14 years. My passion in life is music and media and would love to maintain these as two tracks of my life. I have took up the role of a video jockey and looking forward to progress in my career.

How do you kill your free time ?

Reading Bible is my all time favourite hobby. I have always wanted to spend my free time in a constructive way. I love listening to music and of lately I have started collecting coins and pitched into Numismatics. Collecting old coins and currency and studying about them has become my new best friend.

 What are your goals that you have set for yourself ?

My goal in my life is very simple, to work hard, no matter what comes in the way. The more hurdles you overcome, the stronger you become. I have always been more than willing to help others and share my knowledge. I want to become a professor, who could help everyone to learn English, and make English a language of fun!

How did you hear about us, Twenty19.com and why do you prefer us over other portals ?

I came to know about twenty19.com through an advertisement in The Hindu. I saw that it had a lot of internship opportunities and so I decided to make use of them. I mean How often does an oppurtunity  falls on your door step? ( chuckles) I decided to go with twenty19 over other portals, mainly because of the website design which was clear and had a lot of clarity. The internships are easily accessible through this website.

What can you tell about your first internship experience ?

My first internship experience was with IcyTales. When I was a person who never knew how internships work, I was recruited by them. I was supposed to be writing articles on a regular basis and I had good exposure to the art of writing. That internship experience was amazing that it inspired me to take a lot of internships later.

What were the challenges that you faced during the internship ?

Being a college student and finding yourself in a working atmosphere, I was a little nervous and I was shaky at the start. It was difficult for me to adjust my work life and college life. I did not have much time for hanging out with friends. But on the other hand, I was creating a career stability for my life. That thought kept me going and motivated me take more internships.

 How has the internship with twenty19.com changed your insight about your future and career?

My internship experiences has moulded me into a better person, when it comes to profession. I am not scared of interviews anymore, and the experiences make my resume look good and attractive. I have an edge over my friends when it comes to job interviews owing to the experience that I have gained from the internships.  It has taken my confidence to the next level and made feel good about myself.

Any word for the students who wish to try internship via twenty19.com?

This is the time to work hard, so that we may have a pleasant life furthermore. It’s the time to explore the streams of your career. Stabilize your future job, with the internships in twenty19. Work hard, and you’ll definitely not regret it. All The Best !!!

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