Internship in India – Advantage Students

College students, in India and the rest of the world, benefit from internships in companies. By working with any company ( start-up / medium or large organisation) during the college period, students get to understand the practical / real world problems. This exposure to real world scenarios helps them in the transition from college to work life.

1. Internships are the gateway to full-time jobs : By working with a company closely during the internship period, the college student gets an opportunity to understand the working / culture of the company. The company , in turn, gets an opportunity to evaluate the student for a potential full-time job offer. This way students get a fantastic opportunity to convince employers to hire them, by displaying their skills.

2. Internships helps to evaluate and identify field of interest : Internships offer the students, the perspective and the clarity of thought by helping them identify their field of interest. By choosing projects that lie in the area of interest, students can evaluate if the current interest area excites them. This way, internships help students to indentify and pursue their true area of interest.

3. An opportunity to stay out of Hostel / Home : Most of the college students are quite caught up with the routine, by living out of home / hostel. Internships can open up more possibilities – By choosing internships in metros such as Chennai / Mumbai / Delhi / Bangalore or even the tier 1 cities such as Ahmedabad or Coimbatore and staying away from hostel / home, students get a chance to experience life on their own.

4. Work from home / campus (Virtual Internships) : If the student is unable to work in the company’s office during the internship period, virtual internships offer the flexibility to work from home / hostel. Virtual internship is a growing trend where companies are happy to have interns / project students work at their home / hostel. By coordinating with the company over phone / skype and email, students can carry out their internship assignments by working from their place. To experience the internships and take advantage of the benefits, please visit the internship portal . Students can search , apply and get recruited by companies for their internships, for free.

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