Internship Rage! Top 5 reasons to intern

Experiment. Explore. Figure out!

Would you want to spend a year in a job to realise it sucks and then land up in another job which might be worse? Internships act like great testers. In 6 weeks you get a super preview of what working in such an atmosphere is all about. Just do a few more internships in places that seemed to be of interest to you, and at the end of it you’ll have an immense clarity on where you want to be. Best case, the findings might lead you to become an entrepreneur right out of college!

Networking – Connect early!

Building great professional contacts is a “Must have” if you’re looking for a great career, irrespective of whether you’re working for a huge corporate or a startup or heading your own venture. Developing this skill of networking, and already having a bunch of professionals on your LinkedIn even before you pass out of college would give you a headstart to your career. What better place to meet professionals than during internships?

Get more than an edge

Employers simply like it when you have hands-on experience or if you’re the kind who takes initiatives. If you have about three good internship/initiatives on your profile, they will do all the speaking for you. The employer would have already made the choice, the interview would be more like a formality and you can almost sit-back and relax! The best part is, these initiatives that you take need not be related to the job, the initiative by itself will portray a great deal about your qualities such as leadership, willingness to learn, analytical abilities, communication and inter-personal skills, etc. Straight forward logic “ Employers hands down prefer a profile with good exposure gained from multiple internships/initiatives than a profile which merely has the college project and one odd initiative listed on it. The same applies when you apply for universities as well!!

Land a job where you Intern

Internships often function as a disguised Interview. What better way for the companies to get to know you than by assessing you during your 2 month stint with them? If they are happy with your work, they would definitely prefer you over an unknown applicant who might submit their resume and offer you to work with them full-time after graduation. Just so you may know, some companies actually hire fresh graduates almost exclusively from their internship pool.

Great practical exposure and learning

This one goes unsaid, still, its one of the top reasons to intern and I’m mentioning this here. Whether its a technical internship related to your subjects or something entirely different from them, the kind of exposure you get is a whole world different from what you learn in your labs or what you learn by organizing a college symposium. Ask an automobile engineering class topper to construct a basic car which can move, and you’ll know what I mean. By continuously interacting with experienced professionals during the period, you would automatically develop a more professional attitude and during your next semester you would also notice that the way you think has been transformed.

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