Rajat Talesra’s Internship Experience

R292697ajat Talesra is a 2nd year B.E / B.Tech- Information Technology student from Dhirubhai Ambani IICT, Gandhi Nagar. On an interview with Rajat Talesra, he shares with us his amazing internship story. Rajat Talesra acquired an internship at iData Point as a Mobile App Developer.

See what Rajat Talesra said about his experiences as an Intern:

First of all, thanks to Twenty19.com for such an awesome internship portal. I doubt the possibilities of getting the same through any other medium. I’ve had an amazing time interning at the company “iData Point” as a Mobile App Developer.

Why did you want to do this Internship?

  • It all started with my curiosity of getting practical experience and for knowing the actual responsibilities of being an intern.
  • I can’t deny the fact that this curiosity really took me far.

Impact you made as an Intern: 

  • I’ve learnt so many new things in app development.
  • I was all clear with my basics theoretically but getting a chance of doing it all practically really heightened my knowledge.
  • As an intern, I made sure to create a good impact and I did so aptly by doing all the work according to their instructions without crossing the allotted deadlines.

How was it working for iData Point?

  • The learning process was certainly the best part of my internship. As it was a Work from home internship, I even learned to manage time.
  • This internship has certainly been a successful attempt to face the new world of responsibilities.

Rajat Talesra (2)

What were your thoughts before doing this Internship?

  • I was very curious to know where it would land me.

Your thoughts after the Internship:

  • Increase of knowledge along with a great work experience.
  • After the internship, I was very glad for doing it.

Quick munchies

Name : Rajat Talesra

#MyTwenty19Profile : http://www.twenty19.com/public/student/MjkyNjk3

Company Name : iData Point

Internship Role : Mobile App Developer

Internship Location : Work from home

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