How Twenty19 helped this aspiring lawyer fuel her love for writing


There is no greater joy for us at than to see our student community use us as a launch pad, benefit from us and run towards their goals. Here is one such story of Meenakshy Satheesh, a second year BBA student at VIT whose passion for writing drove her to do content writing internship through twenty19.

Meenakshy is a multi-talented law student for who dance and writing are so close to her heart. This classically trained bharathanatyam dancer discovered her love for writing at a very young age. Just when she was on the look out for opportunities to quench her love for writing, she came across Twenty19. We had a chat with Meenakshy Satheesan who narrates us how her content writing internship has been a life-turning experience for her.

Hey Meenakshi, how did you come across Twenty19?

I scribble down various poems and write ups every time.I thought I needed medium to exhibit my writing talent.Content Writing and Creative Writing are my favorite areas. So I searched for the best sites that provide content writing internship online for students and it took me no time to find Twenty19. After that, I registered on Twenty 19, which I find more reliable than the other portals and started searching for content writing internships.

You have said that you have an unending love for writing. When did you discover it?

Nothing fascinates me more than books. I have a huge passion for writing and I have had a great knack for writing since childhood and I spend most of my time with words. I am a voracious reader and I was also a member of the Literary Society of my University and I used to submit more than two articles weekly for our online magazine. I used to enjoy working with words and this is something that gives me happiness.

Tell us about your first internship?

In the mid of a semester holiday, I applied for content writing internship thinking that I could get some pocket money. My first internship was at an online journal called In Madras where I had to write about best food available in and around Chennai. Food and writing, what more could I ask for. I immediately accepted the offer without a second thought. There were also few challenges I had to face. There were no stipends but they would cover my travel and food expenses in the end. So initially, it was hard for me to manage in my student budget.It is an experience to be cherished.

If you could state 3 most important things that you have taken out from the internship, what would it be?

The experience was much better than the stipend even though initially I was interested in pocket money. I was more indulged in writing and I got to work under a very good boss. He was very understanding and broad-minded. Also, I got a glimpse of what the professional world would be like with deadlines. I learned punctuality and also try to give best quality works.

Did this internship help you get an insight into the future?

Yes, it has taught me that trying to complete a work in time helps us manage our time and it make us punctual. It also gives us the mentality to earn at a small age.

Given your love for writing, do you wish to take up a career in writing?

Well, as of now, I wish to sincerely complete my course in college and do LLM from a reputed university abroad. However, my affair with writing would be something I would hold on until the end. Later in my life, I would devote my time to writing books.

Any word for the students who wish to take internship via

I would say that it is one of the best platforms available for students to develop their personality. It creates a sense of responsibility and punctuality in you. And you get to do the work you love. is indeed the best site for internships I have ever seen.


Just like Meenakshy Satheesh, discover your passion and join the list of hundreds of students who have successfully completed their internships.

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