“Internships and summer breaks are the time which should be devoted to the areas of your interest.” – Mr. Rishabh Kaushal

rishabh sir's picMr. Rishabh Kaushal is an Assistant Professor from IT department of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University (IGDTUW), Kashmere Gate, Delhi. He is known for his extravagant teaching and for making students attach them to their subjects enthusiastically.

Our Twenty19’s Campus Ambassador, Rajni Kumari interviews him. Excerpts from the interview are as follows..

Rajni : How did you decide to study IT? Why did you choose this stream?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : I studied Electronics for 1st year. Later, I was advised by my senior professors that I should switch over to Computer science. Hence, I switched to that in my sophomore year. I had no prior knowledge of computer science as such but then with their guidance, I was able to manage it pretty well.

Rajni : Was the system flexible in your college/university that you could switch over?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : Negative. You could only get such an opportunity to switch if one performed according to a particular level during their first year.


Rajni : How was your college life?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : College life was full of studies. Primarily, bookish and theoretical studies and very little practical exposure was given. The Master’s degree was almost opposite. It had lots of practical exposure, little emphasis on classroom studies and that’s what really helped me a lot.

Rajni : What is the most remarkable memory about your college life?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : We didn’t get our lunch, so we all would go out. There was a time when we all were very crazy about playing volleyball. So, we all used to get onto the field. We used to watch the latest releases and it was absolute fun.

Rajni : What do you like best about teaching at IGDTUW?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : That is something that keeps me updated. I always get encouraged to see students participating and attending classes, most of the times.

Teaching at IGDTUW is fulfilling as the students here are quite excited about it. They want to learn new things.

Rajni : What is the best thing about being a professor?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : Best thing about being a professor is that you are free to work in your domain, unlike in an industry where you are expected to work in a particular domain. As a professor, you can practically work in any area. You may teach one subject but you can offer projects in any other subject. The flexibility and freedom given always  makes one learn new things.

Rajni : If not a professor, what would you have been?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : There was no second option in my mind. I always wanted to work in a teaching background but if I wasn’t a professor, I would have remained in IT industry.

Rajni : Who do you consider as your idol?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : My father and one of our faculty member have been my idol figures. They are the ones who taught me a lot of things. He even made us learn Bhagvadgita.

Rajni : If given a chance, what would you like to change about the current Education System in India?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : Many things can be changed. If there is one thing I would want to change would be to end away with marks evaluation system and let students do things which they enjoy doing. Let them work on projects on what they like. I’m sure every student, by 2nd or 3rd year, would develop some liking for some or the other course. Hence, they should be allowed to work in that particular domain.

The yardstick of success should not be simply marks. It should be the amount of contribution they have done through the project in their interested field. That should be the basis on which one should measure the students’ commitment or performance.

Rajni : What are the methods that you use to keep students interested in your subject/ class?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : Students are well disciplined in my course. The best way to keep them focused is by teaching them in an exciting way. By this, one will have students who will be always engaged, will come by themselves and not by methods of compulsory attendance. They themselves will be interested and they try to learn.

Rajni : What is your take on internships?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : Summer breaks are the time when one should be devoted to the field of your interest. Hence, internship is a great way to do that. An added factor of getting stipends would also serve as an initiative to do so.

Rajni : What do you think about Twenty19?

Prof. Rishabh Kaushal : I would say Twenty19 are a unique endeavor they are embarking upon and they should spread the awareness that such a thing exists. That’s how the visibility will increase. Let’s hope this becomes one definitive stop portal where anybody can be able to find relevant stuff like the training space, academic space, internship space, industry space and all the job opportunities, not just in private but also the public sectors.

Professor Rishabh Kaushal exclaims that he had an amazing time giving the interview for us. He looks forward to know more about us.

my picRajni Kumari is a Campus Ambassador of Twenty19 from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University (IGDTUW), Kashmere Gate, Delhi. She is very enthusiastic about being a Campus Ambassador at Twenty19. Her main motto is to make a remarkable impact by her work.

Twenty19 Gurudakshina series is an initiative by Twenty19 to honour our teachers who have inspired the student community.

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