3 Internships compulsory to get degree from 2018 – Govt of India

Internships to be made compulsory from 2018. We suggest you smart ways to find internships through twenty19.

The government has made Internships compulsory for engineering students in order to complete their under graduation. 3 internships for a duration of 4 to 8 weeks is a must. Henceforth, Internships are to be made as a part of the curriculum in all engineering colleges throughout the country which will eventually improve the employability of the students.


Now, given that over 15 lakh students graduate from engineering colleges every year, It is going to be a crazy race to bag internships. Twenty19 has envisioned this almost a decade ago.
Now, how can you do 3 internships, in a short span of time?
We have a smart suggestion for you – Do a work from home internship, during your college days and earn a stipend too.
Here is a work-from-home internship opportunity especially for you -
Alibaba (UC Web) is looking to recruit 1000s of college students for a work-from-home content writing internship. Students can get stipend upto Rs.50,000!!
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Think no more. Hurry up, write content and start earning money while in college and complete your graduation successfully.

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