“Internships help find right combination of talent” – Sportskeeda

Porush Jain, founder of Sportskeeda speaks to us of how they found the right combination of talents that were required for their company through internships.

About Sportskeeda

InternshipsFounded in 2009, Sportskeeda is based in Bangalore and is an all-sports website that provides its users with all the latest happenings in the world of sports. They collect and publish content about sports from various sources, including from in-house writers to keep the Sportskeeda’s readers fully updated with all major sporting events.

The Challenge in sourcing talent…

…was finding people who were well-versed with web writing as well knowledgeable about sports. This particular combination of talents was very much difficult to find.

The Solution…

…was to hire someone as an intern before extending a full-time offer helps us accurately gauge the candidate’s suitability for the job. An internship also helps us to review a variety of talents because working with Sportskeeda is a very dynamic, learn-on-the-job kind of experience for students.

Why Sportskeeda hires interns…

Sports internships

Typically, companies in the web content field are on the lookout for interns who can write news reports as well as do tasks like updating statistics, boosting the website traffic, etc.  We hire interns both for long-term projects in the content field as well as for short-term projects .

Internships at Sportskeeda…

We hire interns for specific jobs like:

 Content writing

 Social media marketing

♦ Business Development

They have positively impacted our organization by freeing up our other executives to concentrate on their main focus areas like editing and enhancing user traffic

Twenty19 has been helpful…

…in attracting a lot of young, resourceful candidates who were fresh out of college and were eager to learn. The duration for which they worked at our organization has been extremely productive for us.

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