“Internships help students to gain experience and become job ready” – Mr. Rama Krishna


Here is an an interview with Mr. Rama Krishna, Head of Department, Facilities and Planning- Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU) – Hyderabad. He shares with us his experience at college and how students should be educated in the right way and the importance of internships. Read the interview below!

Mr. Rama Krishna talks to Twenty19’s Campus Ambassador Shiva Kumar Dudigama.

How did you decide to study planning?

Professor R.K – I came from a middle class family so I did not have many choices as it was my duty to fulfill my parent’s dreams. I did not have much money to study. So, I chose planning as I was trying to work closely with humanitarian aspects. I have worked 7 years abroad and 6 years in India. My greatest achievement has been that I became HOD in the same college that I studied in.

How was your college? What did you do and what did you learn?

Professor R.K – College life was wonderful as I was young and energetic. I had great support from my parents. I was the top leader of college and also when I was a lecturer there, I headed the lecturers association.

If we give proper guidelines, every student can flourish regardless of studies and status

What are the techniques that you use to keep students interested in the course?

Professor R.K – I am a dedicated teacher. Students commit mistakes but as they are young they have the liberty to do so. Although we, as teachers should be able to mold them, give special attention to every student regardless of their status. If we give proper guidelines, every student can flourish regardless of studies and status. Education is a never ending process, subject is important and duplicate degrees have no use. I keep them interested by lecturing in a philosophical and practical way. I show same interest regardless of intelligence and their status.

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What is the best thing about being a professor?

Professor R.K –  This university (JNAFAU) has everything, I enjoy every bit being here as a professor and HOD. Also, I make it a point to inculcate new techniques andlearn from my students and peers. Teaching is a noble profession and I give 100 marks to teaching field as students are pillars to society and teachers are even more as they guide students to decide future.

“If not a professor, I would choose to become a town planner in that case.”

What is your take on present education system?

Professor R.K – We should become the change we want to see.  We should have common education for all regardless of status. Education is not a business. Quality of education must not be a distant dream and I am doing my bit to create quality engineers and citizens to serve the society.

What is your take on internships & Twenty19?

Professor R.K – It is important as every student must have practical experience. Every student must understand subject and internships help in gaining practical experience and becoming job ready.

I appreciate Twenty19 as this organization is coming forward to shape the Indian education system and hence the youth. Many congratulations to them and I wish them success in what they are doing.

About Twenty19’s Campus Ambassador, Shiva

165199Shiva Kumar Dudigama is a Ist B.E / B.Tech- Civil Engineering graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad. He has been our Campus Ambassador since May-2014. Coordinating events and Organizing seminars are things which he loves to do.


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