Internships help students to become professionals – Expert Interview

adfLt.B. Saravana Kumar (Assistant Professor/Department of physics) is one of the famous face and student-friendly faculty at Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology. He has a great passion towards his profession and he keeps encouraging self learning among students. He is currently pursuing his PhD in area of Nano materials and crystal growth. Recently, Universal Grants Commission (UGC) has funded few lakhs for his research. He also holds Lieutenant Rank in NCC and he is also taking care of NCC-MCET group.

In an interview with Manivannan D, Twenty19’s Campus ambassador, Saravana Kumar tells us about his profession and also talks about internships. Read the Expert interview here!

How did you decide to study in field of Physics?

I always had an interest for doing research in physics. This intention made me to select this field.

How has your college life been? What did you do, what did you learn?

My college life was so colourful. I had enjoyed a lot with my friends (Trips, Dinner, and Movies etc.). But the activities we performed like village camps made my mindset to help others.  I learnt how to approach physics in my college days.

What are some of the methods that you use, to keep the students in your class interested about the course?

Before teaching a specific topic, I use to explain about the day to day application of the topic.

I always consider students as my friends. I never scold my student friends in front of others. I always appreciate my students, even for answering simple questions.

What do you like best about teaching at MCET?

MCET is a very good place to enrich and share knowledge. But the person should have a good self motivation to learn and grow.

What is the best thing about being a Professor?

Being a professor is a God given opportunity. It helps me to interact with youths and helps me to be updated about Physics.

If not a professor then what would you have been?

I would have been in a Textile Business.

If given a chance, what would you like to change about the current education system in India?

Just like CBSE curriculum, I would like to enable activity based learning method across all cross-sections of our Nation.

What is your take on Internships? Why do you think students should do internships?

Internships give a better ambience for students to become good professionals. Well, they are a great platform for students to get work experience during college days.

Your feedback about Twenty19

Twenty19 is a very good platform for students to get awareness on companies before joining as an employee.

Who is your idol figure?

The Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is someone whom I admire.

maniManivannan D is a B.Tech- Computer Science student at Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology. He is a true talent and it’s because of his commitment and passion in what he does. His interests lie in marketing and business development. Manivannan has been our campus ambassador since August 2014.

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