“Only four words on Internships: ‘Why not do it?'”- Professor Shravan Kumar

IMG_20141124_110544 (1)Mr. Shravan Kumar is an Assistant Professor at Bhoj Reddy Engineering College. He is an excellent teacher with 7 years of experience in this field. He is liked and respected for his teaching methods and the way he treats and understands the nature of students. He completed his M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH). He is interested in day to day technology and present trending softwares. His take on internships really gives a good perspective to all of us.

Our Twenty19’s Campus Ambassador, Tanu Lathika interviews this great professor and lets us know more about it..

How did you decide to study Computer Science engineering?

Professor Shravan Kumar : I found a great exposure in the computer world and a lot of opportunities in software development. I wondered how computers and software were going to be our future. I was intrigued by the mere word Programming. Thus, I chose to start my journey in engineering by taking up Computer Science.

How was your college life?

Professor Shravan Kumar : I did my Engineering in KITS, Warangal. It was pretty good to be there though far from my hometown which is Nalgonda. I had the opportunity to be in the Silver Jubilee batch. I was very regular to labs and used our Digital library. I was also very active in workshops and seminars. It was very convenient for me to do other tasks as I used to live with my friends nearby campus. Over all, my college was as amazing as it could be.

Who is your idol figure?

Professor Shravan Kumar : Swami Vivekananda, I get inspired by his life story, his travelling and his preaching; one of his famous quotes ‘The Guru is the means of realization. There is no knowledge without a teacher.”’ This particular quote inspires me, and there is no other thing that will give me more satisfaction than to spread and give all my knowledge to students.

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What is the best thing about being a professor? What do you like the best about teaching at Bhoj Reddy?

Professor Shravan Kumar : The best thing about being a professor is my passion towards teaching students. At Bhoj Reddy, the quality and potential of students is very good. One fact any professor here would notice is their interest towards the subjects. Their queries make us mine greater depths of the subject.

I believe that the best teacher always makes the students to learn.

What are some of the methods that you use to keep the students in your class interested about the course?

Professor Shravan Kumar : It is very hard to keep students attentive in class. One of the methods I feel best is and personally use is to  explain with a real time example that is related to the topic. It helps me keep the students interested in the topic.

What is your present subject and what all real time examples do you use?

Professor Shravan Kumar : I am presently dealing with Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Compiler Design and DWDM i.e. data warehouse and data mining. DWDM is a mix of everything. It has theory, problems and algorithms. This particular subject is very important these days, and has many real time examples, which are not given in text books. I use a lot of real time examples. For example, in real world scenario how database is used, in banking sector, insurances, medicine, education, military, whichever field you want to consider, storing and analysis of data is taking much importance these days, so I take examples related to concepts in the subject. Another such example is online shopping like Flipkart having the similar basics as I described above.

What would you rather be if you weren’t a professor?

Professor Shravan Kumar : If not a professor, I’d be a software developer. I have this interest in software that makes me want to contribute something to the IT sector from my side to our country.

I have thoughts in developing an app on my own.

If given a chance what would you like to change about the current education system in India?

Professor Shravan Kumar : Talking about current education system, the syllabus is full of theory and less of practical. The system should be changed such that there is practical approach just like they have in countries like Germany. Concepts have to be included keeping the corporate world in mind especially for Computer stream.

What do you feel about internships? Why do you think students should do internships?

Professor Shravan Kumar : I strongly feel Internships help the students acquire more knowledge about the real world. It helps them to get exposure to the work that is actually done. Apart from the weight a lot it puts in your CV, it highly builds your confidence and readies you for the corporate world.

Your feedback on Twenty19?

Professor Shravan Kumar : I feel Twenty19 is a platform for those students who want to achieve something advanced in their field. It is acting as an interface between the corporate world and students.

Twenty19 is helping students to not only pursue their dreams but also lead them to get what they need all the way.

If I ask you whether students should register and use Twenty19, What would you say?

Professor Shravan Kumar : Two words – Why not? Not grabbing such an opportunity is stupidity. Twenty19 is helping students to chase their dream internships. It might be this platform that will tick that box of real opportunities.

Signing off, Professor Shravan Kumar thanks for the time and expresses that he is glad to know about us.

afc (1)Tanu Lathika is a Campus Ambassador at Twenty19. She is currently in her third year of engineering at Bhoj Reddy Engineering College For Women, Hyderabad. Her interests lie in informative and interesting works. Having said that, she makes sure her works are done pretty well.

Twenty19 Gurudakshina series is an initiative by Twenty19 to honour our teachers who have inspired the student community.

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