“Internships make way for students to learn things practically”- Professor Kritee Manchanda

DSC_0365Ms. Kritee Manchanda teaches Business at Keshav Mahavidyalaya, University of Delhi. She is a Chartered Accountant. She is renowned as a kind and patient figure in front of the students. Her liking to teach students her way is what makes her stand out of the crowd. Her generosity has led to a very frank relation with her students. According to her, internships ready the students for the industrial world.

Read her conversation with our Twenty19 Campus Ambassador, Divita Ahuja to know more..

How did you decide to study Commerce and management?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : I was actually driven for science stream because of societal influence but my sisters identified the commerce and finance person in me and motivated me to choose the field that I enjoy pursuing. I landed up in Commerce and started with my graduation. I was doing pretty well in academics but to excel in what I am doing, I wanted to become a professional in life. That is when CA happened. I cleared all levels in first attempt because I guess I never took studies as a burden. I always enjoyed the learning process and linking it practically to real industrial world helped me. More than learning on my own, I found I was able to understand and retain more when I teach someone about the subjects. It eventually became my professional need. So, I pursued Masters in Commerce and became a Lecturer.

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How was your college life? What did you do and learn?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : College Life was fun. I didn’t want to carry the tag of topper there but I ended up becoming the one. Our respected lecturers found a promising candidate in me. At the same time I enjoyed with my friends too. For all the three years, I had different group of friends. The first time we bunked, we went out on our own without parental guidance, handling pressures and deadlines. Moreover, after all the fun, giving 8-9 papers was our challenge which we did overcome with bright colours.

Who do you consider as your idol figure?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : There is no specific person I idolize. I try to learn and adapt the best things from everyone I meet.

What is the best thing about being a Professor?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : The best thing about being a Professor is that you are a lifetime learner.

What are some of the methods that you adopt to keep the students in your class interested about the course?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : I have always tried to understand the things by linking the theories with practical exposures. I use the same tool in my class. I try to link the lessons with my or others’ practical incidents. Another way is to challenge the students in the form of tests or assignments or presentations to keep them regularly in touch with the curriculum.

What do you like best about teaching at Keshav Mahavidyalaya?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : There are many things that I love in the college. Some of them are enumerated below:
(i) The students of Department of Business Studies. They are so enthusiastic and practically bright, they always keep you involved with their activities, queries and zeal to learn and perform in all the spheres, academically and other curricular activities.
(ii) The infrastructure of KMV is so nice and clean, it supports everyone (teacher and staff ) to work on their creatives without any constraints.
(iii) The Staff is so loving, cooperative and supporting. There is no typical organisational politics.
(iv) The Principal, Dr Madhu Pruthi, who is always supporting and encouraging us to go beyond the limitations for growth of students.
(v) Staff of Department of Business Studies (teaching and non teaching) is ever ready to support you in implementing your ideas regardless of how their outcomes would be.

If not a professor then what would you have been?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : I am a Chartered Accountant. If I wouldn’t be a Professor, I would be practicing the profession. Even while practicing, I would teach young professionals about the core of CA profession.

If given a chance, what would you like to change about the current education system in India?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : Things are yet to be systematized. I would look forward to changing a lot of things such as the teaching methods, marking systems and the like.

What do you think about Internships? Why do you think students should do internships?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda :

Internships make way for students so that they can get into industries and learn things practically.

 The objectives are realised and hence there is a bend for industrial training amongst them. Learning the professional gestures, working in real world, using their analytical skills, understanding the practical use of theoretical knowledge are some of the reasons why internships are preferred. I recommend every student to experience an internship.

Your feedback on Twenty19?

Prof. Kritee Manchanda : Twenty19 has been a great help to both students seeking internships and corporates seeking good interns. It is an amazing portal for seeking internships and hiring interns. It is a support to both industry and students. 

The whole idea of making the two meet at one point is a great initiative.

Bidding us a good bye, she blesses us the best of future and wishes Twenty19 to provide students with great internships!

IMG-20140814-WA0050Twenty19’s Campus Ambassador Divita Ahuja is doing her BBA in Keshav Mahavidyala, Delhi University.  She is a passionate young girl who has done several internships as well as CA programs and her Twenty19 profile has been rated by companies for Marketing & Sales skills.


Twenty19 Gurudakshina series is an initiative by Twenty19 to honour our teachers who have inspired the student community.

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