Internships: The Virtual Reality

You are a startup, a small but growing firm, and you have exciting learning and work opportunities for students but can’t afford to host an intern. Virtual internships are just the thing you need.

With improving technology and growing social media, virtual internships are becoming more popular among small & medium companies and startups. Companies are using different tools like Skype for video conferencing, Google, Yahoo for instant messaging, Google Docs to share files etc. to make the program a success.

On, around 30 percent of the internships posted are virtual / work from home internships. The most common roles for Virtual Internships on are:

– Content Writing

– Social Media development

– Web Designing

– Market Research

– Sales and Marketing

With virtual internship, you can find relevant talent any time of the year and at the same time get your work done without worrying about hosting the intern in your office, and also add value to the student community. So, all you have to do is set up a meaningful internship role that can be done comfortably from any remote location!

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