Interview with Neha Garg – Coalescence ’15 (BITS Goa)

BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus presents Coalescence ’15 | Inspire. Ideate. Innovate – a 2 day summit which calls out to the young entrepreneurs of India to showcase their ideas and execution plans on a global stage and get a chance to be mentored by top entrepreneurs of their field.


Coalscenece ’15 is the second edition of its kind. The event which is scheduled to be held on 5th – 6th September is one of the most anticipated college events this year. We had the opportunity to catch up with Neha Garg – Events & Media Head, Coalescence ’15.

Excerpts from the interview:

1. Describe your feeling as the Events & Media Head for the second edition of this festival.

It is kind of a mixed feeling. I am happy and delighted. At the same time, I also feel humbled and indebted to a lot of people. This is a position of responsibility. I have to face new challenges on a day-to-day basis while remaining on track (moving forward). All I can say is that I enjoy this (laughs).

2. Interesting to know that you love challenges, so what got you interested to be a part of the organizing team?

It did not take a lot of effort. I am a part of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) in my college. Being a part of CEL made me see my future in the event management.

3. How did you plan this festival? Take us through the huge process in brief

We have different verticals like media, events, startup expo ,sponsorship and networking dinner. On the basis of the verticals the whole team was divided. After dividing the verticals, there is head of each vertical under which not more than five juniors are allotted.
After that we start collecting information for our database and start contacting firms of respective verticals.

4. How did you select the organizing team? Any specific criteria?

We chose the organizing team on the basis of their hard work, intellectual skills, communication skills, team work and co-ordination.

5. Organizing a massive event is always challenging. Tell us about the key challenges you faced organizing this event

You are right. Organizing an event is always challenging. We face difficulties on a daily basis. But if you plan things well in advance, discuss problems and co-ordinate to achieve end goals then nothing is impossible. Doing this regularly has helped us overcome some major obstacles.

6. Your thoughts on Twenty19 as the Student Opportunity Partner for Coalescence ’15

It is our privilege to have Twenty19 as the Student Opportunity Partner. Our registrations increased because of the promotion done by Twenty19.

7. Finally, what advice would you give to other event/fest organizers?

Patience is a virtue in event organizing. It is easy to get frustrated when things aren’t going on track. However, the will to keep calm and keep going matters. It is very important to have good communication and co-ordination between team members.

As Neha signs off in a rush, we are left to contemplate on the mighty levels of pressure and responsibility these young organizers are forced to take. Still, the sheer joy of doing something worthwhile and interesting keeps them going.

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