The best part of is the ease with which one can post an internship

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About Just Reco

JustReco is a social network that helps you discover and share great experiences, by allowing you to make and view recommendations about things at places. So you can easily recommend the best Dal Makhni you’ve had to all your friends in a few seconds. Even better: You can use your mobile phone to easily find out what your friends are recommending near your current location, without having to wade through long reviews.

The opportunities for students in  JustReco.

At this stage we are offering virtual internship where a student works from home, we offer the role of a marketing strategist, where the intern works with the co-founders of the company and assist in social media marketing, taking lead in public relations, indentifying the key areas where marketing can be done, planning strategies around them and executing it. Experience

When I googled for the internship portals in india, found twenty19 top of the list :), the best part of twenty19 is the ease with which one can post an internship. The simple UX, and a good email follow up system makes them stand out in this domain. Our first internship on was a marketing internship. I just posted one question where I asked students about their skills whether it be talking, social media, writing, photography, anything that a student likes, and we tried to give them roles according to their skill sets. I got applications from SRCC, IIT, Symbiosis, DU and other colleges across the country. The wide variety of colleges and students makes it very attractive to use the portal.

Well I had used the portal for hiring some virtual interns and really appreciate the good work put forth by the guys – the UX was pretty good and the mails sent were also appropriate, no spams etc . It very well sufficed my needs and looking forward for more usage of this portal.

The Intern Experience

Well the interns are driving our marketing, thats the least I can say, taking leads in social media, public relations and designing strategies for times ahead. The Students have picked up very quickly and have fit in the company very easily.
On the whole I am also open for more roles, so Students – definitely keep looking for internship from at :)

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