Learn the secret to become a web designer from an expert – Interview with Mr.Anirudh Prabhu

Have you ever wanted to build your own website from scratch? To promote your product or just to make a place for yourself in the world of web design? Then HTML&CSS and jQuery are the staples that you definitely must know. Do you want to know more about the field from an expert? Here’s an interview with Mr.Anirudh Prabhu. The face behind Twenty19’s HTML&CSS and jQuery courses.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with the expert himself:

1. What inspired you to learn HTML & CSS and jQUERY?


Web industry is a very dynamic and challenging industry. I was looking out for a similar domain for my career.



2. How did you get started in this field and what do you think has made you successful throughout your career?


I started off as a designer who would work on designs and converting them to HTML. I think the only way to keep growing in this industry is keep learning new stuff as they come.



3. How has website development changed in the past few years and what were the hurdles you had to overcome to get where you are now?

• There has been a big revolution in the web development area like extinction of table based layout and flash (almost extinct).

• Several animations and transitions have now become part of css itself. Advent of libraries like jquery, backbone etc which makes life of developer lot easier.

• Finding right source for learning new technology. Also figuring out what are good practices for development.

4. What are the latest trends in your field? What do you think is the future of website development?


Latest trends in this field according to me are responsive designs, use of pre compiler language like SASS and less. In javascript the trend is use of MVC and MVVM.


5. How will the career path of a website developer be? What roles will he be put through?

• As per the current trends career path for web developers is good. There is a great demand in market for UI developer.

•  At minimum your role in industry would of web developer. Later you choose which area you want to specialize in for example there are people who specialize only in javascript, PHP, wordpress or HTML / CSS etc.


6. What would you advise the students taking up the course about this profession based on your experience? On what basis would you hire a student?


•Well a simple advice for this profession is don’t stop learning.

•This domain is an evolving domain where many technologies come and go frequently. So follow the trends and keep learning.

•Desire to learn, logical reasoning, positive attitude.


It was wonderful listening to Mr.Anirudh. What are you waiting for? Take up the Twenty19’s HTML&CSS and jQuery courses today and build a cool website on your own! Turn your dreams into reality!


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