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Shruti Prajapathi a final year Computer science and engineering student from the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow. She has an unending love for ethical hacking and hence has attended several workshops and events on ethical hacking, android development, and robotics.  She aspires to do further research in this field. As an igniter to follow her dreams, Shruti enrolled for the Engineering combo pack.

1. What are the courses you have taken on Twenty19?

I have taken the Engineering combo pack.  I saw the advertisement on Facebook and thought of giving it a try

2. Why did you want to learn these courses?

It is helpful for achieving my dream

I have a huge passion for ethical hacking and android development and I want to do research on it. So when I saw this Engineering Combo pack, I was delighted as it could help me achieve my dreams.

3. What made you choose Twenty19 over other online learning portals?

I chose because I found these courses to be very useful at a low price range and it was in my budget. Also I found the content in the course to be very interesting and nice.

4.Why do you think other students should learn these courses?

The courses cover all the topics in depth

I feel that more and more students should use this platform to learn the courses of their choice. I found these courses to be very valuable for the money we invest and I loved the course content. The courses cover all the topics in depth. All these are available online hence any student can access from anywhere

5. What were your expectations before taking these courses?

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything at all before starting the course.  I just wanted to try out this combo as it was under my price range.

6. Did these courses meet your expectations?

The learning experience has been a refreshing one

Yes, I learned JQuery and the course covered all these points from the beginner level and explained each point thoroughly. I am very satisfied with the outcome and the learning experience has been a very refreshing one.

7. What is your word of advice for the students who would like to join the training program?

Select the training courses such that it reflects your passion

Choose your training programs and courses very carefully in such a way that it should help you in the future. Set your goals carefully and equip yourself with the knowledge required to succeed in that field.  Select the training courses such that it reflects your passion

8. Will you suggest these training courses to your friends?

Yes definitely. I would suggest these training courses to my friends. In fact, I have already suggested to few of my friends.


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