Looking back at 2014

2014 may have come to an end but Twenty19’s DOing huddle never stops. Just as we started 2014 with much passion and intensity, we ended the same with some exciting milestones being accomplished. Never before in the history of our entire journey, have we witnessed more excitements than in 2014.

All our aim was to benefit people using our platform and we are more than happy to realize that over 3,00,000 students and 8,000 companies (more 0’s to follow soon ;) ) have been happy users of our platform.

On looking back at 2014, here is a round up on how the year had been for us:

Our year started with a bang as Eenadu, a leading newspaper in Andhra Pradesh featured Twenty19 on their special Republic day edition where they emphasized on the work we do.

Following them was Kungumam, a popular and leading Tamil Daily who also featured us where they mentioned about Twenty19 and it’s work towards improving the internship movement in India.


Fab Feb:

February marked something special. Our relationship with internship got much deeper during this month of love. We published the India Internship Report 2013 – “Report of Students Internships trend in India”. In this, we also mentioned on how internships are becoming a mandatory part of recruitment process for many companies.

Economic Times, India’s Leading Business Newspaper, covered about it.

Missed reading the report?? Check it out here :)

MARCH’ing forward towards success:

1.) We celebrated our 4th anniversary during the month of march. What started as a small initiative for a big revolution is still running strong. We are Twenty19 and we are the Change makers.

2.) Ran the India Internship Movement 2014, India’s biggest Internship event was organized by Twenty19. The event is a week-long celebration to get college students across India OUT of classrooms and IN to the real world through Internships. You may definitely wanna read more about it. Click here!


April meant business:

Business Standard’s Mumbai edition featured Twenty19 and our CEO Karthikeyan Vijayakumar for the story titled “Click for your dream internship”. Read about it here.

Also, The Ran India Learning Movement’14 to help students learn online courses was organized during this period.

Festival of Colours: Holi

Holi at office

Here comes May and here comes the Avatar:

10659175_957069397641054_5829288846369892932_nFrom this moment, people would have been wowed to use Twenty19.com as we had a website transformation and we didn’t stop because someone new was arriving. Who was he?? See down!!


Twenty19 website took a new avatar and it was named “Twentor”. Till the invention of the new avatar (mentor), we felt that we did not have a Face for ourselves and thus the Twentor was created. It all came with the following equation: Twenty19 + Mentor = Twentor

Now that we had a Face, we made sure that we were the one who run this place. ;)

Twenty19 now took a dip into the sea and had a fun moment at the Catamaran ride.


image (1)

Hall of Fame: Induction of new CA’s

During the month of August, we inducted the new batch of Twenty19 Campus ambassadors. We are also proud to say that today, there are over 400 Campus Ambassadors all over India who have been instrumental in working for a cause. We also found that there were students who were super passionate and would become great leaders in future.

Cycling to MGM:

Though Chennai is not short of transport services, a cycle was the chosen ONE for our trip to MGM, a theme park.


Potluck @ KK’s place:

It was September and we felt that it has been some time since we have had fun and then came the CEO to our rescue :P


Sweet 16

During October, Twenty19 cracked the highest number of workshops (16) in a single month. From Guwahati in Assam to Trivandrum, Kerala, we traveled the length and breadth of the country for presenting workshops.


November.. November.. The month which we will always remember :)

A staggering 10,000 college events were posted on Twenty19. This month also marked the landmark where we partnered with over 700 college events which included all IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS etc.


December: The season ending brought the launch of a new beginning

The tiring and unending hard work from our team finally resulted for the launch of a new beginning. Twenty19 launched a new experience for company users.

As a matter of fact, words are never enough for experiencing something. Hence, we would like you to visit this page and experience why you should use Twenty19 as a company.

It is obvious that a year has happy, sad, worse and all emotional moments. Even though bad times hit us or if we were running through a rough patch, we were patient and kept finding a way through. The only mantra we followed was “Hardwork brings success”.

Hope you have also had a successful year.

The team from Twenty19 wishes you a Happy New Year 2015. :)

new year

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