Marketing Internship with Band Camp Mobile

Nischay T.V.Marketing Internship - Band Camp Mobile – a Journalism student from Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, Bangalore shares his Marketing Internship experience with BAND Camp Mobile – a mobile applications development company.

I applied for a Marketing Internship with Band Camp Mobile and got shortlisted. I was eagerly waiting for the interview call. In a few hours I got the much-awaited call. I was explained my responsibilities as an intern. To my delight, it was an Internship where I could work from home. This was very easy for me as it was time saving and more convenient.

Marketing Internship - Camp Mobile

I was performing well and got positive feedback from my managers. I was very surprised when i received incentives for the work that I was doing (It was a non-paid internship).

As I continued my good work, one day I received a message from them saying that they was impressed with my performance and they would like to hire me as an Intern manager. Being a not-to-miss opportunity, I took it.

Marketing Internship - Message Conversation

Being an Intern manager for Band Camp Mobile my responsibilities nearly tripled. Now, I needed to manage all other Interns.

Well, I managed to do it.  As a recognition to the good work I was doing, I was offered a good stipend which served me well (for my pocket money of course :-) )

Band Mobile Internship Certificate

There is a lot that I have learnt during this experience. I never thought that I would be good at managing people. Luckily, I was ! This experience was an eye-opener in many ways.

Internship Managers

All thanks to my managers Suneel & Pallav for all their guidance and valuable insight into my work. I couldn’t ask for a better experience!

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