“We got 100 Participants for the workshop in just 4 days!” – A DOer Story

Minna Pauly, the core organiser of Milestone 35, the cultural and management fest of IMT,Nagpur speaks about her experience of organising the Online marketing workshop.She and her team managed to get close to 100 participants in just 4 days! Read on to know how..


How was the whole experience of organizing the workshop?

The process of making an event successful with the help of your team and seeing people talk at lengths about how enriching it was from a learning point of view, is something to be cherished. Running to & fro for getting all the details right to attending the workshop…the entire journey was worth it

The hard work in bringing in close to a hundred student managers for the workshop through various modes of internal & external promotions actually paid off at the conclusion of the event.

What did you learn from organizing?

The nuances of coordinating with a point of contact, explaining to the person about the situation at hand, listening to what he/she has in mind about the event, how much of it can be implemented on a practical level & trying to get the best out of it provides a lot of learning on a ground level for budding managers like us. Time-management, PR, immense convincing skills were few of the takeaways for the team in the course of organizing the event.

IMG_20141117_143721 (1)
Minny with her team

What motivated you to do the workshop?

In a B-school, one often gets a chance to attend lectures from guests coming from across the globe, but a hands-on workshop is what every student looks forward to after a certain while in the programme.

 Workshops give you the feel of what’s actually happening with people, products and processes outside the walls of the B-school,this propelled me to organize the workshop and I would recommend Twenty19 workshop any day! 

Why did you choose Online marketing workshop?

“Online Marketing- the new era”  workshop was to be conducted at a juncture when lot of student managers were preparing for their Summer Internships and a lot more for their Final Placements from the college. So the purpose behind conducting the workshop at such a time was to give all these students a fair idea of what lies ahead of them in the world outside, how they need to build themselves and what they were missing. Mr. Karthikeyan’s valuable insight into bringing up an organization was an added incentive for all those entrepreneurs who had registered.

As a participant what do you have to say about the Twenty19 Workshop?

It was extremely engaging; A lecture for over four hours with a single break would very easily make you feel bored. But that did not happen for me or anyone in the crowd over the course of the workshop.

A good deal of videos, case studies & examples running in parallel gave the student managers a lot to ponder upon and make value addition to their limited knowledge of marketing across various spheres. 

Why did you choose Twenty19?

Milestone 35 being an Inter-college fest where more than 1000 students take part, we felt this was the best portal for all students to gain useful insights on various important topics. Twenty19 was also well known among the students and it made our job much easier when it came to promoting the workshop as students believed in the credibility of the workshop since it was conducted by a brand that was known to them when it came to giving opportunities to students.

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