Mold your future by investing in yourself

It is a cliché that future is unpredictable and no matter how much we plan; it all boils down to the manipulative circumstances. But, there’s one thing that we all can do: prepare!

It is crucial to take time out for your friends, family, job and to run other errands. Well, in this busyness we leave ourselves behind without even making a conscious effort to revive, rejuvenate and recreate our being. And when this happens, the symptoms that crop up are feelings of being stuck, hopeless, stressed and worthlessness.

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You’re not done once you’ve got whatever you aspired for, and you can never let go of taking some quality time for your wellness.

Ways to invest in yourself:

One should focus on their all round development, sticking only to one thing doesn’t make sense in this ever changing world; begin by thinking about all aspects of your life.

  • Physical

Your body is a device that you heavily rely on to accomplish the amazing things that you’ve planned. Whether running a marathon or looking forward to join any forces that put physical fitness in their priority list, you need to invest in your health to get these opportunities.

Even if you’re not aspiring to be a soldier or wrestler, to do any task it is vital to be fit and strong. Start small and see the results over a period of time. Get out for a walk that you’ve been putting off, run, swim, and cycle do whatever that you enjoy.

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Imbibe at least 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine.

  • Mental

Mental health is something that nobody ever takes any note of, and when it starts to make its presence felt we ignore those signs only to be overwhelmed by them entirely later on. So how do you identify the subtle changes in your psyche?

The answer is: introspection, simple yet powerful tool to observe what’s happening inside your head. Writing down thoughts is cited to be the most effective way to keeping track of not only your life but also your mind and its nuances.

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When look back at the writings it can help you to understand why you’re having mood swings, hopelessness and feelings of loneliness. Once dissected you can take help from counselors and overcome these thoughts.

It is one of the best things one can do to help themselves.

  • Spiritual

More often than not, the question: “Who am I?” pops up in the brain. We have mastered the art of suppressing it and going on with our lives as it comes. Deep down we’re aware that we are not our designations, the relationships we’re into and also the things we acquire hoping it to make our identity.

Layers removed each one finds themselves to be greater than the mere distractions, paraphernalia. In short, never let go of this quest for it is the essence of being spiritual.

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Spirituality shouldn’t be confused with being religious, spirituality helps you to discern right from wrong, strengthens your will power and gives immense positive vibes.

Try meditation and see where this search leads you to.

  • Creativity

Never confine yourself to apply only the things that you’ve studied in your college life. Try experimenting with different fields, have an open mind and curiosity to look for the things which are not related to your professional life.

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Even if you dont have the luxury to follow your interests, then be creative in your present occupation. Being creative is the art of coming up with different viable solutions.

  • Learning

It is a never ending process and it doesn’t go out of fashion, to learn is to live. In the absence of learning, we feel stuck, frustrated and out of sync with life itself. The advent of technology is now making learning even more easier and is available  all the time at your finger tips. Gone are the days where you will have to sit inside the four walls of a classroom to learn.  People have started searching for new ways of learning through books and online learning learning portals. They have changed the way people look at learning and has made it convenient more than ever for people to follow their passion for learning.

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