“My First Internship!” – Priyank Agarwal

It was my third semester that I understood the term – “Intern”.  And no doubt, now all I wanted was an “Internship”. With some time on Google, I discovered Twenty19 and after some time on Twenty19, I was selected as a “Twenty19 Campus Ambassador”.

I follow this mantra : 

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”

What I Did :

  • The things I did at Twenty19 were different than any ordinary sales or marketing intern would be expected to do. My role required me to be a guide for my colleagues with the freedom to design and implement my own strategy for developing the brand “Twenty19” in my University.
  • What today people see Twenty19’s logo “Twentor” was first introduced to us (CA’s-2013-14). In fact, the name “Twentor” is the result of a suggestion of a “CA – Campus Ambassador”
  • As a “CA”, I got opportunities to attend webinar sessions from Twenty19’s CEO, Kartikeyan Vijayakumar Sir & Shwetha Ma’am where we were told tons of tips & tricks to build one’s career. My drop-box still has their resume guide.

What I Learned : 

What I learnt was much more valuable than just improving my communication skills, marketing skills and resume making skills. Here’s what I mean :

  • Writing a resume takes a day, building a resume takes years.
    People often confuse that it takes just a day to build a resume, but the truth is that it isn’t. Mine was built strongly because of Twenty19.
  • I won’t be the next “Sharmaji’s Son”.
    Remember the famous quote: “Beta! Pados wale Sharmaji ki ladki ke 98% aaye hain”.
    There is still some time before I decide my final career as I am still experimenting with myself. Twenty19 internships have made me realize that college life is much more than just academics, Facebook & Whatsapp. There’s a good chance I won’t end up as the next Sharmaji’s son.
  • A Tip for next Internships:
    Finishing the tasks is a primary thing. However, if you want to get the maximum output, you gotta find out different ways. It all depends upon the intern. The more one is willing to dedicate, the more one can learn.

Why Twenty19 : 

Here’s why I would suggest others especially college students to get associated with Twenty19 :

  • Twenty19 interacts with both employers and potential employees. Hence, they perfectly understand the ideologies of both. They are the perfect career guides. If you are associated with them, by the time you graduate, you would have a resume that might even scare your competitors.
  • Twenty19 never really made me feel that I was a virtual intern. I always had an access to learning & enjoying.
  • Twenty19 gave me the full freedom to think and test out my own ideas. 

    Apparently, freedom brings out the best in you.

  • Once you know how to use it, Twenty19 website is the best in design.
    Here’s a tip: With their live internship feed, one can easily figure out a lot including the result of their application.

It’s been more than a year since I have been associated with Twenty19. The only thing I ever regret is not getting associated with them while I was in first year of my graduation. 

Thanks to the Twenty19 team for such a great experience!

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