My Internship Experience at GreenPeace – Neha Satheesan

Diary 3Neha Satheesan is Biochemical Engineer currently Pursuing Environmental Management at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
She did a volunteering internship at GreenPeace for a month which helped her in deciding to do a Masters in Environmental Studies.


Tell us about the internship at GreenPeace

My internship was a month long. It was a mind opening experience for me – as I was exposed to various aspects of the environment I wasn’t aware of. It was the internship in Greenpeace that helped me make up my mind that I want to do my Masters education in Environmental Management.

What were your responsibilities as a GreenPeace Volunteer?
My responsibilities mainly involved
    - Public awareness regarding pertinent environmental issues and 
    – Fund raising
I was responsible to approach people and talk to them about Greenpeace. It was essential that the general public knew what Greenpeace did, why we did it and how we do it.
I also volunteered to help out in the preparations of a major Greenpeace campaign that was held in Mumbai. Campaigning activities often require a lot of work in planning, setting up and executing the task successfully,

I was required to approach people and talk to them about Greenpeace

Tell us a little bit about how fund raising works?
The fund raising activity essentially involves Greenpeace employees working in teams of four or five to raise awareness and funds for Greenpeace campaigns.
Social experience
Once the locations are decided, the teams set out. We could either set up stalls or simply stand! As long as we have the permission, we believe in doing our job wherever, however and when ever possible :) come hail, come shine!! :D

We look for mainly three things:
– Moral support (E.g. signing online petitions to bring into effect a policy)
– Physical support (E.g. be part of our rallies/activities/campaigns/fund raising groups)
– Monetary support ( E.g. monthly or one time contributions to the organisations campaigning activities.)
How did you come across Twenty19?
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Will you recommend Twenty19 to your friends?

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I would highly recommend Twenty19 to anyone looking for an internship

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