My Internship in Doon Scooter India

Company Name: Doon Scooter IndiaDoon Scooter India offers Electric Vehicles with high performance, great design, cost-effective and dependability.

Industry: Automobile

My Internship Role: Sales Intern

My key responsibilities: I was the Business Development Intern and my role to acquire new dealers for the company in various cities in Central India.

The impact that I made: My mentor had given me a target of acquiring 5 dealers during my internship. He was pleasantly surprised when I overachieved my target by acquiring 13 dealers at the end of my internship. According to the Terms and Conditions of the company for becoming an authorized dealer, a prospective dealer had to invest INR 2.5 Lacs. I made a BIG impact on the company’s financial turnover – 13 (dealers) * 2.5 (initial investment for becoming a dealer) = INR 32.5 Lacs.

What I learnt/Skills I picked up:

1. I learn’t how to make a sales pitch.

2. Working with a Start-Up.

3. How to Influence, Convince and Motivate an unwilling client to take the dealership of the company.

4. To use different channels of advertising – newspaper ad.

5. Networking Opportunity with the Top Management of the company.

The best thing about the Internship: My decision to place an ad in the newspaper paid rich dividends:
1. I received inquiries from 12 cities including my hometown – In Madhya Pradesh with the help of the vernacular newspaper reach.
2. I was surprised by the effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth Marketing when I started receiving inquiries from the surrounding states – Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh.
3. I received inquiries from only those people who were actually interested in taking the dealership.

Would I recommend an internship in this company to my friends: Sure – Not a bad place to intern in

My Rating of the Internship:

Rating is on a scale of 5.     5- Highest Rating  :)         1- Lowest Rating :(

  1. Quality of role offered/ Nature of work – 5/5
  2. Learning from the internship – 5/5
  3. Freedom/Flexibility- 5/5
  4. Work Culture- 3/5
  5. Mentoring/Guidance- 5/5
  6. Networking Opportunity- 5/5
  7. Stipend/Earning – 5/5
  8. Job Prospect in same company- 5/5
  9. Overall Experience – 5/5

My internship Experience in “One Word”: Awesomeness

My internship “Cloud 9 Moment”: When I overachieved my target of 5 dealers by acquiring 13 dealers for the company and when my mentor told me that I would be earning a stipend of INR 1.3 Lacs.

Kushal Singhania

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun
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