My Internship in India Yamaha Motors Pvt Ltd

Company Name: India Yamaha Motors Pvt Ltd – India Yamaha Motors Pvt Ltd one of the leading automobile manufacturing company.

Industry: Automobile

My Internship Role: HR Intern

My key responsibilities: Taking care of all hr related activities including recruitment and joining, maintenance of files, taking prelimnary interviews of DET, employee engagement survey. I did my project on employee motivation as attrition was high.

The impact that I made: As an intern I was given a project of employee motivation as ther attrition was very high so I was working on that. Along with that I performed other tasks also like recruitment and joining, file database management. I did all the work very efficiently and on time. Since the company is a Japanese one so they believe in TQM total quality management. So I was working on that principle. Work environment was not that much good. I believe in work with enjoyment, I dont believe in stressful monotonous work so I suggested how they can remove the stress from work like by using some music at lunch time or at breakfast time or the  can talk to each other when they gets time, some small B’day or festival celebrations can be done, so that employees will feel motivated and they enjoy their work and ultimatly result will be positive and I am thankful to my organization that they started working on my suggestions.

What I learnt/Skills I picked up: Enhanced my computer skill. Got knowledge about recruitment, joining formalities, organization structure. Learnt the team work. Learnt more practical aspect of HR.

The best thing about the Internship: I enjoyed my internship because of my mentor. She was so supportive and helpful to me, and I learnt from her the commitment for your work.

Would I recommend an internship in this company to my friends: Yep – this company is awesome!

My Rating of the Internship:

Rating is on a scale of 5.     5- Highest Rating  :)         1- Lowest Rating :(

  1. Quality of role offered/ Nature of work – 5/5
  2. Learning from the internship – 5/5
  3. Freedom/Flexibility- 5/5
  4. Work Culture- 5/5
  5. Mentoring/Guidance- 5/5
  6. Networking Opportunity- 5/5
  7. Stipend/Earning – 3/5
  8. Job Prospect in same company- 3/5
  9. Overall Experience – 5/5

My internship Experience in “One Word”: Awesome

My internship “Cloud 9 Moment”: It was a heaven for me to work for three months, I want those three months once again.

Avantika Dubey

ICFAI Business School

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