My Internship in Troopp

Company Name: TrooppTroopp is the first online platform in the world to attempt to create a complete ‘Social Marketplace’!

Industry: Internet

My Internship Role: Marketing and Communication Intern

My key responsibilities: Initially the tasks were not tough, and involved much of collecting data. Then followed the series of individual tasks, and I found that the task started becoming more interesting. I learned lot about NPOs, and how Troopp makes it easy for every person to do something good for this organizations in much better way.

The impact that I made: I have contacted many NPOs around the country which are now with troopp, and the trooppers are on with their task.

What I learnt/Skills I picked up: I think that the internship at has been a very beneficial experience. I have gained indispensable marketing experience by troopping and I am very grateful for that opportunity. It’s a big deal for students, especially working online, to get experience of the caliber that I got at Troopp.

The best thing about the Internship: Troopp is a place where some people meet to do good(selflessly) for their society and feel lively after doing this. As today I say myself, yes I have earned my summers.

Would I recommend an internship in this company to my friends: Yep – this company is awesome!

My Rating of the Internship:

Rating is on a scale of 5.     5- Highest Rating  :)         1- Lowest Rating :(

  1. Quality of role offered/ Nature of work – 4/5
  2. Learning from the internship – 4/5
  3. Freedom/Flexibility- 5/5
  4. Work Culture- 4/5
  5. Mentoring/Guidance- 5/5
  6. Networking Opportunity- 5/5
  7. Stipend/Earning – 3/5
  8. Job Prospect in same company- 4/5
  9. Overall Experience – 5/5

My internship Experience in “One Word”: Worthy

My internship “Cloud 9 Moment”: When i got the call from a person saying you are selected as a Troopp intern.


3rd Year

NIT Durgapur
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