My journey from an engineering student to a football writer, thanks to twenty19



I am Ritwik Bandyopadhyay, originally from Kolkata, studying Computer Science Engineering in KIIT Bhubaneswar. I started off as an engineering student and right now I am an acknowledged football writer.  My story with is as follows.

To this date, I remember the day I left for college. I was a studious boy whose only love in the world was football. I never had the physical prowess needed to become a player- nevertheless it did not stop me from playing. This may have hampered my studies if I had not kept it on hold- but I did and managed to get into a good college. I have received a lot of help from and it has done me the world of good.

A few months later, I found myself scoring a very good GPA in my first semester in one of the most respectable colleges in East India. Everybody back home was happy. The same trend continued for another 5 months. College was great. There were enough opportunities to continue my romance with football and I made the most of it and concentrate on my career. Slowly, I saw the different types of careers out there and I realized that being a football writer would be the best thing in the world for me.

I started going through different websites and platforms that post internships, after coming home, till I came across I was selected for the first time as a content developer by UC News. This changed everything. My ability to write well has always been one of my biggest strengths. My passion for football had always gotten me into trouble. Combining these, I started writing articles on football. My articles generated very few views and as a result, I got no stipend for the work- but I managed to complete constructive work that was published. This feeling drove me on. I kept working on getting new opportunities and I realized that if you want something with your heart and soul, fate will give it to you. I saw one small tweet calling for football writers for a UK based site called founded by Chris Wheatley of Goal. I spoke to them, showed one of my articles and became a writer about the club that I love. I kept writing with all my passion and became one of the editor’s favourite tools. After a few days, I was told that I have generated huge amount views with a scouting report and finally, I came out on top with good numbers.

Right now, I am an intern at where I applied to via and I found myself writing confidently on the application that I wish to pursue a career as a writer. The fact that on their own website, they rated their responsiveness to be “moderate” appealed to me. I was given a bunch of questions to answer- which I answered with the utmost honesty and got selected. Communication from them, supporting my work and keeping me ticking- this group has been a major support.

Studying technology, being an engineer- everything will catch up to me once I go back to college, but I have finally found a career that I want to pursue and I will succeed as long as I keep grabbing every single opportunity. No work is small if it leads to something big and I thank for laying such opportunities on a plate in front of me.


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