‘Twenty19.com makes our task easy’ says this gaming company

Abhijeet Goel – CEO & Founder, Nagpash talks about the company’s experience of hiring interns through Twenty19.com

About Nagpash

Nagpash is in the business of entertainment. We make games for multiple platforms. Our games delight users across the globe.Our Mission statement. “Any place user has to wait … Provide entertainment.”

Our clients & markets include Malls, Water parks, resorts and hotels, Cineplex’s and airports.

Opportunities for students at Nagpash

Abhijeet Goel – CEO & Founder, Nagpash

The gaming industry in India is in nascent stages currently. Their is a lack of skilled man power in  technologies we work on . Hence we believe in getting raw talent – students , providing them a fun filled environment and grooming them in tools of our trade.

Best way for students to work with us is through final semester projects which provides them ample time (4-6  months) to learn things and contribute to our products. Our previous interns have worked on a couple of technologies 3D games (Unity3d) and Kinect games(gesture control).

Also we help students connect with best companies in the field.  Recently representatives from Square Enix Game Studio visited our company and the students got valuable insights interacting with them.

Twenty19.com Experience

Square Enix at Nagpash

Twenty19.com is the best way to connect with college students. It exposes students to industry level projects & helps companies like us connect with talented students.

The user experience on the website is quite rich and satisfying. The process of Posting internships , filtering relevant applications, shortlisting candidates and connecting with them is so easy.  It makes our task too easy.

We tried many other hiring portals too.But the response we got from Twenty19.com is simply amazing. We get intern applications from every major computer science college in India including IIT’s, NIT’s, DA-IICT, IIIT, BITS.  The questions help us a lot in filtering out relevant candidates thereby saving us a lot of time.

Twenty19.com A one stop destination for recruiting fresh talent. Kudos to the Team Twenty19.com!!

Intern Experience

Franky,Nisarg, Kiran – interns at Nagpash

We haven’t hired a candidate full time yet through Twenty19.com. But we are impressed by the potential shown by our interns and plan to hire full time our future interns. Our Intens are also pretty blown away by the stuff we work upon and have a nice time and experience working with us.

We encourage, mentor and fund our interns to participate in world level technoology competitions (Gsoc, Imagine Cup).

  • Three  of our Interns – Nisarg Patel, Kiran Patel, Franky Upadhyay from Nirma University,were selected in top 100 teams throughout world in Imagine Cup’2012 organized by Microsoft. The interns did a project Apohati for the Imagine Cup . The goal of the project was to make people aware of AIDS in developing countries like India and its prevention techniques using Kinect(gesture recognition) as a technology.
  • Harsh Mathur from NIT Suratkal and Vishesh Shrivastava from ISM Dhanbad have also worked as interns with our organization.

The energy , ideas and contribution by our interns has been brilliant and helped our startup accelerate immensely.

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