“Online Trainings Give A Competitive Edge Over Others” – My Success Story

Sai Gireesh – a student from Shiv Nadar University has taken a few courses on Twenty19. A budding entrepreneur, Sai has also bagged internships by developing his skills. Read on as he shares his enlightening experience of learning online courses on Twenty19.

What are the courses you have taken on Twenty19?

I have taken three courses on Twenty19.

1. Learn to Build Websites with HTML and CSS

2. Facebook Marketing

3. Business Communication

I wanted to equip myself with web designing and web based communication strategies. Presently, I am taking a course on Search Engine Optimization, which I am sure will be useful.

Why did you want to learn these courses?

I aspire to become an entrepreneur in the near future

These are some of the courses which help a great deal in developing the skills needed to become a web master. Moreover, I aspire to become an entrepreneur in the near future and all these courses will give me an idea about the various components required for a web-based start-up.

What made you choose Twenty19 over other online learning portals?

I found Twenty19 website to be more clear and user-friendly compared to other sites. Since I had done three successful internships through Twenty19, I knew that the site was reliable.

Why do you think other students should learn these courses?

Online courses give a competitive edge over others

I believe web based courses have a great scope in future. Student life is the perfect time to experiment with online courses. From my own experience, I can say that online courses give a competitive edge over others.

What were your expectations before taking these courses?

I wanted the courses to be elaborate and informative. I prefer to learn through practical modules and that is exactly what these courses delivered.

How do you feel after taking these courses?

I feel more empowered after taking these courses. I have added more skills to my resume. I am much more confident applying for jobs and going into interviews.

How was the learning experience? Did you like it?

The courses were very user-friendly, elaborate, practical and the above all, it was flexible

The learning experience, as I said earlier, was exceptional. It was very user-friendly, elaborate, practical and above all flexible. I could access the course whenever I was in the mood to learn and had free time. Course experts were always available for any help.

Sai Gireesh is reaping rewards by learning online courses on Twenty19. When are you going to? It is time to stop thinking and start DOing. Click here to begin!

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