“The Online trainings in Twenty19 are in coherence with the current technologies and have an edge over traditional learning” says this techie from USA

The online trainings in Twenty19 were started with the main aim that every student should be equipped with all the essential skills that does not just make him/her a mere graduate but a pioneer in his/her field.  And so far twenty19 has been very successful in this objective creating positive waves amongst the student community across India. But we have to admit that this one came as a sweet surprise even to us. Meet Mr. Jignesh Francis, a techie who was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu and is currently in USA pursuing his masters degree in NJIT in the field of electronics engineering.

Read on to find what he has to say about his learnings with the online trainings in Twenty19

1. Hi Jignesh. What can you tell us about yourself? (Name, college, course, workshops attended, internships, symposiums and other achievements you have)

Hi all, I am Jignesh Francis, based out of Tamil Nadu and currently doing my masters in New Jersey Institute of technology, USA.  I am basically a techie and have attended numerous workshops related to robotics, c200 and Raspbery pi. I have also published a journal on automation of cars and secured 1st place in paper presentation in a national conference.

2. What is your passion in life?

As simple as it may sound, my passion in life is to love and to be loved because at the end of the day that is what matters. It is not about the success that you have seen in your life but the hearts you have gained that adds meaning to your life.

3. How do you spend your free time? 

I dwell into the art of photography and I love to take photographs of all genres. I have also started spending some of my free time in post editing works of photos that I have clicked. I am usually the default photographer in my friends circle(chuckles). I also love watching movies and spend long hours watching English series, my favorite shows being Game of Thrones and How I met Your Mother.

4. What are your goals that you had set for yourself? ( short term goal and long term goal)

My short term goal is to successfully complete my master’s degree and get placed in a good company with an impressive salary package. My long term goal is to be a pioneer in the field of VLSI and to make some ground breaking innovations in the field of electronics engineering.

5. How did you hear about us, Twenty19.com?

I had been using a few online training portals and I wanted to explore more about the world of online trainings. That is when I landed on Twenty19 and the simple design of the website made me to give it a shot.

6. What are the online trainings that you have done with Twenty19 so far?

I have complete the trainings on Guide To Cover Letter Writing and How To Stay Updated. 

7. What have you learned from the online trainings? Have you applied the things you have learned from it?

In the verge of completing my master s degree, it is of utmost importance for me to get a job in USA and with the new job regulations in place, I have to be spot on with my cover letter. I believe that the things I learned from the online training will make my cover letter look more impressive and I will have an edge over others when it comes to recruitment.

8. What are the advantages of online trainings over traditional studies?

Online trainings have made learning simple to the core and give us the luxury to study at any time and at any place we want. All you need is a laptop and you are all set to learn. Adding to it, the online trainings are updated regularly and are in coherence with the current technologies and has an edge over traditional learning.

9. Why did you think you chose Twenty19.com over the other portals?

I had been trying out quite a few portals and the main thing that dragged me to Twenty19 is the simple design. The positive feedback given by my friends helped me make up my mind to go with Twenty19. The attractive discount offers in the combo packs offered by Twenty19 are also something that catches your eye when exploring the website.

10. Any word for the students who wish to take up online trainings via twenty19.com?

For anyone who is looking to do online trainings with Twenty19, you are at the right place. The online trainings in Twenty19 are simple to understand and come with affordable price. Make use of the amazing opportunity and nurture your career through twenty19.

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