Procrastination is something we all do. Even though it is not a bad thing when in small doses, it causes serious problems when it increases.

People procrastinate to avoid stress and the work load not realizing that it just makes your situation worse. It adds on to the work later and none of it gets finished on time giving you more stress than before.

Procrastination isn’t always there due to the laziness of a person. It also happens because of low self-esteem, a fear of failure, depression etc.

Here are some ways how a person can overcome procrastination:

1. Don’t Multitask

Doing a lot at once, can only cause chaos and increase the stress level which makes it hard for you to concentrate and work. You end up giving up on the work and it piles on.

Instead of multitasking, you can break down the work and make smaller tasks out of a big task which would make the work easier and less stressful. It will also give you more confidence in yourself and you will be able to work thin future tasks easily.


2. Set Goals For Each Day

Setting out goals according to your day and stick to the plan. Don’t go overboard when setting the goals though, because you would feel demotivated and get stressed when you are not able to fulfill the tasks.

Make such goals which you know you can finish in the day. It will help build the confidence when you finish the work.


3. Finish The Important Tasks First

Prioritize your work. Plans things in such a manner that you get to the important tasks first. This way you will be able reduce the stress and work on the smaller tasks with ease. And the end result would be a completion of all tasks on the list.


4. Set Reminders

After you plan out what to do when, put reminders so that you remember. It is possible that you might forget or start to laze around but with the help of the reminders it will be easy to stay on task.

Reminders can be of any type. From a friend calling you up to remind to reminders on phone or setting up alarms. Whichever way works for you.


5. Follow A Sleeping Cycle

To work in the quiet of the morning is always relaxing and more productive. The silence you get early in the morning can never be achieved throughout the day.

But in order to get up early to work you need to sleep early as well. Because when you get without enough sleep it adds on to the lazy and delays the work more than it should be delayed.


6. Turn Off Social Networks

When working, turn off all the social networking applications and sites. They are a very big distraction. Once you get on them, it is hard to tell how much goes by.  So during the hours of your task, turn it all off so that you do not get off the schedule and the task at hand.


7. Take Breaks

Providing yourself proper intervals of breaks is also important. If you work yourself too much, it might get difficult to shift from one tasks to another which would mean that you would let go of the task a tat moment therefore piling it on for later.

But if you take breaks, it will keep you refreshed and on point to do the work.

Procrastination is a trait in all of us, but if you really want to work through it you can by following some of the few ways mentioned above.


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