There are still many places in India where, if a youngster goes to college, the entire village comes to see him whenever he returns. There are many people who are the sole torch-bearers of their families. Problems these first graduates of their family face are too many and many of them sadly go unnoticed. If you are one of them who thinks others do not connect with your problems, here are some things that can help in those situations.


Find a mentor: 

There has to be someone who helps you with the most basic things. For most people, it is their cousins or seniors from school. For people with absolutely no one to back them up, there has to be a someone who gives all the tips about what to study, what goes down in college and what is trending in the outside world.


Stick to your principles: 

There are some things on which you will never agree with your peers.  In these cases do not blow away everything you stand for just to blend in. If you are from a remote village, and your friends want to go clubbing- it is totally fine to stay back irrespective of what others think. Holding on to your roots makes you unique and lets you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is reflected later in your personality as a professional.


Never succumb to pressure

This is a natural expectation from a first graduate to ace his exams and the pressure of getting placed in a reputed company. The expectations are rocket high from everyone in the family which also includes the extended family. Almost everyone’s eyes are on you and this without any doubt creates a huge mental pressure. But, do not let this pressure dictate you and your education. Do your part and try to gain as much as knowledge as you can during this college phase. Your ultimate motive during this phase is to come out of college as a learned person


Do not look at things differently:

 Many students get alienated because they do not think of the fellow students as their equal. Everyone comes from different walks of life. So there is naturally a social stigma attached to the way people see first graduates. Never compare yourself with others. The resources available to each individual could have been different but once in college, everyone is same. Think of this time in your college as a blank paper which represents the future and you can write anything you want. It is absolutely in your hands. If you look at people differently and start giving out the impression that you are not at peace with your surroundings, you and your peers will feel that you are a little distant.


Do not make your parents too worried: 

They have no idea what goes on out there. Keep them stress free at all times. You are already a big concern to them because you are far away and venturing into unknown domains.

It is a brave step to pursue what you like and move away from the beaten path. The first step towards success is making a move. You have already done that and the world is ready for you to conquer

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