Planning to Hire an Intern? Check out Top Tips for a Successful Hire !

Hiring relevant candidates for your internship role is an extremely crucial aspect of making an internship program work.

Dealing with misfits in your organization is like a cat and mouse game.

Here are  the Top Tips to Hire the Right Intern !
Start Early – Many times, companies are in urgent need of an intern and hires anyone who shows interest, irrespective of the relevancy to the role. Planning your hire makes you pick the best fit.

Focus on the Connection – When you post an internship, choose the right category and give detailed information about the internship role. This will drastically reduce the number of irrelevant candidates that apply for your internship because interns are more likely to gain interest in your post when you give a detailed requirement criteria which will inturn give you a better pool of applications to choose from.

Look for Potentials than Experienced – Make sure you test the candidates with second set of tasks and screen them completely before short listing. This will aid you to judge them better and evaluate if they are the best fit for your requirement. Second Screening will help you select candidates based on their skills and commitment to the task.

Hire Small – Managing an intern is easy but managing few number of interns is a very difficult task.  Hire based on requirements and resources to support.

Have a Replacement Ready – Interns are  a temporary resource who are always meant to fluctuate. Have a backup list of interns who could be a ready replacement under crucial scenarios.

Fair Game – Paying interns are proven to be the best motivating factor for them to be productive. A decent pay will definitely be an encouraging factor for the intern you hire.

After hiring an intern, make sure you work with him/her closely in the initial days to monitor their strengths and understand their career goals . The earlier you estimate their fit in the organization, the better it is.

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