This dynamic young man has completed more than 7 training courses with twenty19 and it is quite inspirational

Meeting young people who are focussed, determined and sorted out is very tough these days. We had a chance to interact with Pushkar and his determination is nothing short of an inspiration.

In this fast running world, being employable is very essential. It is a well-known fact that employers expect certain expertise from their employees. Now, we have come to a point where exceptional technical skills are necessary even for landing into internships. What if I tell you there is a single place where you can find innumerable internships and also training courses to strengthen your skills at affordable prices. Don’t look else anymore. Twenty19 provides you technical training courses within your reach.

Meet Pushkar Baviskar, a third-year student from IBSAR institute of management and studies. It is fitting to call Pushkar “a dynamic young man”. You will be as amazed as me to see his accomplishments.

He is nominated as a campus ambassador at E-cell IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, student brand ambassador at parent lane, campus ambassador at all India council of robotics and automation. He has also attended various workshops like qualitative and quantitative data analysis from the University of Mumbai, technical document writing with help of LaTeX from NIT GOA. He has participated twice in ” Avishkar research convention “, Participated in Android workshop conducted by Ecell IIT Delhi , participate in India 1st open day hackathon at Openness Days By Microsoft and is also an active CSI member. The list just goes on and we had to cut it short owing to few constraints.

On a late Monday evening, I had a chat with Pushkar about his valuable experience with us and I thank Pushkar for taking his time off for us. Read on to know his training experience with twenty19.

I aspire to be a technology evangelist. So I think to build myself technically is very important.

Hi Pushkar, we see that you have enrolled for a training course with us. Can you brief our audience about it?

Well, I am really enthusiastic about technology so I have tried my hands on few training courses. 1)Professional email writing, 2) java for beginners,3) foundation course photography, 4) effective resume writing, 5) project management for beginners, 6 ) learn to build websites with HTML and CSS, 7) computer networking 8) how to stay updated 9) How to overcome fear for Students

That is quite impressive Pushkar. It requires quite a drive and we would like to know what is the driving force that made you complete so many training courses.

I am really enthusiastic about technology and firmly believe that Technology is the wheel that drives the modern life. When I came across Twenty19, I was thrilled to see the training section and enrolled to develop my skill set. So I believe the interest and curiosity to succeed in this field is pretty much my driving force. Also, I aspire to be a technology evangelist. So I think to build myself technically is very important.

You seem to have a good clarity. We would really be interested in hearing the quality of our course

Teaching is very good, course module is easy and understandable by providing good examples and based on real world application. Also, gives me a basic understanding of the subjects.Overall, It’s very helpful in developing my skills set.

Did you have a chance to implement the knowledge gained from the course in any of your projects?

Actually, yes. The concepts I learnt from java for beginners helped me get a  clear perspective of the basic concepts. The course on project management helped me immensely during project documentation. I was able to finish my project and I thank Twenty19 for this.

You mentioned that you have been actively participating in various events. When did you find time to learn the online courses?

I did long term and short terms courses. I scheduled the long courses during winter and summer holidays and the short courses, I used to finish them during weekends.

That’s interesting. May I know how you got to know about Twenty19 and would you recommend to your friends?

I came to know about Twenty19 through word of mouth. I would most definitely recommend to my friends. In fact, I have recommended to all my juniors and I guess 12 to 15 of my juniors have enrolled from my institute.

You are quite a role model for anyone who strives to succeed. On a final note Pushkar, any word of advice for students who wish to join?

Concentrate more on your skills set. Because is too important to succeed and sustain.

On that note, we bid good bye to Pushkar and wish him great luck in all his endeavours. If you wish to be one in thousand that companies come after, wait no more. Just find your passion and enrich your skills. Click here to see  training courses offered at Twenty19.

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