Are we really on the verge of World War 3

Wars and battles sound some long lost thing in today’s context. Ever since the end of World War II, no major war has outbroke of that stature. There have been wars, after WW-II, like the Sino-Indian war of 1962, India-Pakistan war. But all these wars were more due to the border dispute, not involving any mass destruction of the livelihoods and were far from being the World War.

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Even though we say that the possibilities of any war uprising are very vague but, we cannot get assertive while saying it. It’s only our conjectures that lead us onto think that World War will not happen now. But is it, really, the inside story? You never know how worse the situation is.

People had apprehensions about the outbroke of World War 3 between the United States and China, owing largely to the ever existing tensions between the two countries. China and America had their differences for a very long time which they never miss on expressing out at the world platform. The issue has been dealt wisely until now as it has kept the war at bay. If not, we would have seen, again, the world divided into two halves, facing each other on the battlefield.

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Then there were rising disputes between America and Russia which, again, are in existence since long. Russia and America never seem to find themselves on the same page at any time. The situations were the same until the tenure of Barack Obama. In the recent elections, there were rumours of interference of Russia in meddling with the results of the polls. Though the truth remains intact, the newly formed government has seen relations improving with their rivals which is keeping any possibilities of the war limited only as a ‘possibility’.

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In the present scenario, the speculations are high on the upsurge of the war between the America and North Korea. The leader of the two nations can be seen openly criticising each other at the various world and media platforms. Both have not hesitated in giving the clear sign of the war as the only solution to their differences. Given that the North Korean regime is in alliance with China and Russia and though it’s their only allies, the allies have the backing from many other nations who share the enmity with America. No wonder, how horrifying it may sound, it is a grim reality that the third world war can see the two countries facing each other, backed by their respective allies.

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So, coming to our topic of discussion; are we really on the verge of a World War 3? Yes, there are high possibilities in the current situation but, there is also a different side to the story. Ever since the establishment of the United Nations, it has laid its emphasis on the idea of world peace. Countries and people are made to understand its importance to lead a happy life. Wars only bring mass destruction and widespread disparity. The common people suffer the most. As long as the idea of peace exists, no war can erupt in this era as well as in the generations to come.

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