Sheau Horng Kwan as a CEO for 15 days – An Exciting Internship Story

All of us dream of being a CEO someday. Desidime gave an opportunity to one – Sheau Horng Kwan had that opportunity to live that dream.

So this is how it is – DesiDime had a internship opening & it was not like any other openings which says “aggressive sales Intern required” or “strategic marketing executive, required” It was something different from all that other job opening.

It was called “DesiDime Next CEO Hunt” and YES as the title says they were looking for a CEO for their company and that too young interns, well, not forever but for 15 days. Who ever it would be, S/he will be managing DesiDime for 15 days.

For this opening as expected there was a flood of applications, and after going through the big pile, they narrowed down to first round and through that they even narrowed it down to 2nd round and finally there were 3 people standing looking tough at each other ferociously for the 3rd round.

At last after 3rd round, Sheau Horng Kwan won the battle and was crowned as a CEO.

We wanted to interview her, to understand her experience as a CEO of DesiDime so, we send her our set of questions and this is what we got as a reply.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and all.

Sheau Horng Kwan: I am currently pursuing my TYBFM from Jaihind College, Mumbai. I have volunteered as the senior team leader for recruitment for Mr. Milind Deora’s political campaign . I was a winner of the 2013 Youth Parliament and have personally met politicians like Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Mr. Kapil Sibal, Mr. Sachin Pilot, etc. I have previously been employed with Esskay International (startup website) and (as campus ambassador) . I have been awarded the Sumitomo scholarship for academic excellence in 2013.

2) So how was your CEO experience?

Sheau Horng Kwan: My experience at Desidime was something very different that I have never done before. My internship was for one month during which I was the CEO for 15 days. I always thought that being a CEO is something very easy and I was proven wrong! Right from planning to strategizing to finally implementing an idea is the CEO’s responsibility and you cannot delegate those tasks to someone else as if it is your idea, only you can present them that well!

3) What did you do as a CEO?

Sheau Horng Kwan: As a CEO, I had to interview every employee and find out what makes them happy working with Desidime, how can we improve as a company and if they had any inputs which would help us grow. After taking their feedback, I started working on the things which we needed to implement, remove or work on. After 15 days of working as the CEO I had to present my ideas to the real CEO of Desidime! This was a very different experience as being a CEO, you have to do everything very independently and there is no senior to tell you if you are doing something right or wrong! As Desidime has a horizontal working structure, the CEO is more like a friend than your boss which felt really good working for them as you can tell the CEO any of your ideas or suggestions without getting scared or thinking about repercussions.

4) Tell us a little bit about interview process.

Sheau Horng Kwan:The interview process at Desidime was very organised, after I applied online through Twenty19, Desidime’s marketing head and CEO both took my telephonic interview. After qualifying for that, I was shortlisted and then finally selected. I think I was selected because I am someone who thinks out of the box and I am a go-getter. I was searching for internships in my first year of degree college and I came across Twenty19. Infact it was here that I got my first internship too! (Esskay International (Indidelights)

5) So, How do you find Twenty19 Platform?

Sheau Horng Kwan: I am aware of other internship sites. However I find Twenty19 the most reliable and safe to use out of all. Twenty19 is very organised and at the same time I feel safe that my information will not be misused. Also the internships put up here are genuine and real. In many other sites I find internships posted that are either out of date or fake.The application process is very easy, infact all the internships I have got are through Twenty19 itself! Applying through Twenty19 is very easy and quick as it takes barely takes 20-25 minutes and that too from the comfort of your house!

It was very nice to hear from Sheau Horng Kwan about her experience as a CEO. It was a good experience to have.

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