“Completed 25 internships and earned more than 3 lakh”. Meet our “wonder woman” Simran Mehta

This inspiring story of Simran Mehta, a budding entrepreneur who has done more than 25 internships and managed to earn 3 lakh will leave you in awe.

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, we had a chat with Simran Mehta, who our team prefers to call the “wonder woman”. She has accomplished and achieved things which are no short of an inspiration.


Meet Twenty19’s  very own “wonder woman” who has completed more than 25 internships and managed to earn more than 3 lakh rupees over the span of 3 years. While we took some time to gulp down her tremendous achievement, we give you the story of Simran who will leave you inspired and make you realise the importance of hard work and dedication.

 Before I could tell the readers about you, I think it would be more appropriate if you gave the insight about you yourself.

Hi, I am Simran Mehta.  I’m currently pursuing BBA from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies and specialising in Marketing and HR.

I’ve done a bunch of workshops in Digital Marketing and HR and quite a lot of internships in the span of three years, 25 to be precise. I’ve worked with brands like KOOVS, Paperboat, POPxo, Teach For India, Wooplr and more.

Being the competitive person and overachiever that I am, my performance has always been recognized and acknowledged by brands and companies which resulted in leadership positions pretty soon.

I managed to earn 3 lakhs just through the internships I did and built a huge network while I was at it. I also won various contests and campaigns which helped in accolades and more opportunities.

Wow, that indeed is impressive. What is your passion that made you achieve so many accolades?

My passion in life is to do everything I love. Whether it’s just chilling with friends or leading a team of students, philanthropic activities or adventurous experiences, working or partying. Whatever I do, I make sure it makes me happy in some way or another.

That is interesting. You seem to be engaged in working all the time. Do you get any free time at all ? We are keen in knowing how you spend your free time?

As a self-proclaimed multipotentialite, I have more interests than I can count. Apart from the usual reading and dancing, I love playing FIFA and board games. I have played football, table tennis, and chess for my college. I also have a keen interest in fashion since childhood. Then, there are some musical instruments I love playing. Binge-watching tv series at a stretch is also an inherent skill I believe I possess.  Like I said, there’s no end to this list.

Haha. This is the first time we have heard someone have an endless list of hobbies. Let’s get on to the serious part. Our readers would like to know your goal in life

To be brutally honest, I didn’t really have goals set but I’ve always been ambitious and driven and too frightened even by the thought of failing. And as we all know, failure is inevitable so I started embracing it gradually. This resulted in overcoming all facets of problems and challenges that came along with much more ease.

How did you hear about us and why did you choose Twenty19.com over other portals?

I was on the journey to find some of the best internships for myself when I landed on Twenty19.com.

Twenty19 as a platform has a plethora of options not only in internships but also workshops,  information regarding college fests, events, training and development programs, etc which earns them brownie points for indulging in all aspects of a students’ life and understanding their needs.

How did you start your journey in internships and brief the nature of the job and your experience?

My first internship was with KOOVS, a renowned international fashion brand as a Style Brand Ambassador. Having been a fashion enthusiast right from childhood, this was the best opportunity to kickstart my journey.  The job role majorly involved marketing and representing KOOVS in my college circle through various platforms like social media, events, and word-of-mouth. Creativity and out-of-the-box ideas helped me create a buzz and participating in numerous fun contests and campaigns helped me to get the first-hand experience of marketing. I can’t even begin to explain how elated I was when I got the email that I was selected. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life and will forever be etched in my memory.

That is  quite fascinating.If you could state 3 qualities that you have taken out from the internship, what will it be?

Creativity is of utmost importance no matter what you choose to do.

Unwavering perseverance no matter how difficult something seems.

Resilience is the key to succeeding.

What were the challenges that you had to face during the internship and how did you overcome that?

The challenges never ceased at any given point of time. Having worked 3 years straight, there were innumerable adversities and being a  feisty person didn’t help any better. I’ve had my share of squabbles and falling-out.

I didn’t get paid for two of the internships I did, even after working diligently. The virtual internships have a huge gap in terms of communication leading to chaos. These shortcomings were very distressful but it is imperative that you face these challenges and get through them all like I did. Be persistent, have empathy and faith and you’ll come out stronger than ever.

How has the internship with twenty19.com changed your insight about your future and career?

From being just an intern to now a budding entrepreneur, the change is almost unbelievable.

I explored everything including content writing, sales, and research. I discovered my hidden talents and how there is always scope for improvement.

Most importantly, I never thought I had the gumption to start something of my own but here I am!

Any word for the students who wish to try internship via twenty19.com?

I personally preach that students should do at least two to three internships before getting into the corporate world. You not only get exposure but a myriad of lessons, insights, and skills which are a prerequisite no matter what you choose to do in life.

You develop and hone skills over a period which is more beneficial in the long run than you realize now. There’s so much to learn from these internships, from the mistakes that you make, from the constant pressure and even from the most trivial issues. They help you to face challenges head on, get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. Sooner or later, through these bittersweet experiences, you will realize that nothing can deter you from being the best version of yourself except you. So go out there and kill it with kindness.

In a tone of awe and happiness over her accomplishments via Twenty19, we bid bye to Simran and wished her best wishes in her future. One thing for sure is that she has inspired and she will continue to inspire a lot of people to find their right passion and work relentlessly towards achieving their goals.

Listen to your heart, follow your passion. Quoting Simran’s own words “Be persistent, have empathy and faith and you’ll come out stronger than ever“, make yourself an expertise sought after by companies just like Simran and many others at Twenty19.com. To find the right internship for you, please visit twenty19 internship page. What are you waiting for still?

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