“We got over 100 applications for our first internship”

Kalyan Varma, Co-Founder SocialHeart talks about his experience with Twenty19.com and how Twenty19.com helped him hire awesome interns. Read on ..

About Social Heart

Kalyan, Co-Founder Social Heart

SocialHeart aims to build technology that assists organizations working towards social causes. We currently have an online store that sells products made by NGOs. When a customer buys any product from this website he contributes to a cause.Making and selling products is not only a way of generating revenue for NGOs but in most cases provides a livelihood to the underprivileged. We intend to make the website a social media enabled platform that enables people to contribute to NGOs in various simple ways.

The opportunities for students in Social Heart

We welcome any student who is passionate about building technology to join us and help make a difference. Especially students who are interested in the social sector will find our start up very interesting. We believe that students have fresh ideas and therefore we are very keen on hiring smart minds from colleges.

We use ‘Groovy on Grails’ to build our website. Students joining us will be trained in these technologies by our in house experts for the first few weeks before they pad up and face interesting challenges everyday! Apart from this, we allow the interns to use 10% of their time to work on something that they are interested in, totally unrelated to our project. Apart from this we have opportunities for creative marketing and sales. If any student is ready for a challenging internship we would be glad to interview him/her.

The Twenty19.com Experience

Braincloud – What interns do on a Friday evening

I found Twenty19.com on the web while searching for portals to post our internship opportunity. We were preparing to visit colleges and conduct interviews to get the best students. Twenty19.com has made it so easy for us, we finished recruitment without travelling a mile. The quality of the students that applied for our internship was so good that we offered three positions when we had initially planned for two.

Twenty19.com’s portal makes it very easy and quick to screen applications and shortlist appropriate candidates.

What we noticed is that it is important for recruiters to spend some time while posting an opportunity. If the right questions are asked it is much easier to choose the right candidates. Twenty19.com’s process makes sure you don’t have to go through hundreds of resumes to pick the right candidate.

The Twenty19.com uniqueness

What makes Twenty19.com unique is that the quality of the students that apply are better than in any other portal. They have done a very good job spreading the word among the students. My current interns have told me that all their friends regularly look at Twenty19.com for interesting internships. What this means to recruiters is that you can get access to students from the best colleges without spending too much.

I am also very impressed by their responsiveness to customers. Whenever I have a query, I get a response immediately.In short, we at startups dream of changing the world and the only way to do that is by working with the right people. Twenty19.com does a tremendous job at that and we really appreciate their service.

The Intern Experience

Interns at Social Heart

We at Socialheart have been very lucky to get some of the smartest students to work for us.We got over 100 relevant applications for our first internship posting and within a short span of time and were pleasantly surprised with some of the answers students gave to our questions.

Atharva was is his final year of computer science engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology when he joined us. He worked with us for his final semester internship.Saurabh was also is his final year of computer science engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology when he joined us. And he also worked with us for his final semester internship. Nandini was in her third year of computer science engineering at Thapar University, Punjab when she joined us. She worked with us for her 6th semester internship.

All three of them were passionate about working for a startup and they did not have much web development experience. Our interns have learnt the various technologies involved very quickly and implemented the skeleton of our website in a short duration of time

Customer experience series is a space to feature our customers, their experiences with their interns and what they have in store for prospective students. If you would like your company to be featured, please get in touch with shwetha@twenty19.com.

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