5 Non Magical Tips For Becoming a Software Engineer

Well, Having a white collar job is recognized to be one of the most prestigious thing right now. That is the reason, every other person in India wants to become an engineer. As per the research by one of the top universities, this job will continue to top the list. The salary offered is above average and environment for growth is huge. Most of the technology we come across has the role of programming in building it. Just as fish can’t live without water in similar manner technology hardly survives without program. However, there is always confusion among students regarding how to get started with your career as a software engineer.

1) Decide your Destination


Before jumping into any programming language, it is advisable to first decide your future goal and plan in prior. You can either aspire to be a part of either a start up or an MNC. If you are planning to get into some big technology giants such as Google and Facebook then it is better that you buckle your belt tight and go on very hard as the competition is huge.

2) Choose your programming language


There is always a confusion regarding which language to learn first. Always remember that if you know any one basic programming language, then it is easy to switch to different language as most of the concepts are same except the syntax for instance the looping and conditional statements. However, it is advisable to start your learning with either of these three JAVA/PYTHON/C. My personal advice is to learn python first as it is very easy and very important if you opt for machine learning. However, Java and C will never go out of trend but the thing is you have to keep updating your skills and acquire more knowledge with every passing day.


3) Practice


Practice makes the man perfect is what you should follow religiously if you want to improve and grow. Pick up the book read theory and basic concept of that language and then switch to compiler for writing your own codes. Make mistakes, learn from all the resources that are available, both virtual and physical. Again try until you execute the code successfully.


4) Tools


Use the tools that are the choice of professional one so that you can have the taste of it and be ready to get your hands dirty with coding. One of the most popular one is GitHub where you can store your code and publish it. It is the open source so you and everyone can read your code and can modify it to better.


5) Get engaged


Join code chef, hacker earth and hacker one community. They offer unique problem for everyone from beginner, intermediate to advance level. One can take part in the competition offered by them, solve the code and get rewarded. These days companies are also looking into your code chef profile before hiring you it can prove to be the plus point for you.There are few other discussion forums that you involve yourself for the sole purpose of learning in depth.


Having said all that, it is always important to have the thirst within you to learn. Unlike other fields, IT is where there are huge updates happening from minute to minute. If you are the one who is willing and open to update your concepts, then you are the one for whom the companies are looking out for. Go, grab some of the opportunities!!



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