Some tips to brand your internships better/ reach out to more students

In the last few months, we had been conducting some research on usage patterns on Twenty19. Based on this, we thought we’ll share some insights and pointers to help you brand your company better among students and to reach out to more students.

Your internship posting is like pitching your company to the students for the first time. Here are a few ways to build a great rapport with the student community and also reach out to more students

  • Plan a good program: We recommend you to take time to plan out a meaningful internship program to mutually benefit both the company and the students
  • Communicate the details: Make sure you give them sufficient details about their role while posting an internship, so that the students get a good clarity on the nature of their work. This will also enable more relevant students to apply
  • Brand your internship: Use the right words to tell the students why the internship is valuable to them. You can use the “Key takeaways/learning” field wisely.
  • Thumb rule: Remember the thumb rule– “If the students love it. They will spread it. If they don’t, they still spread it!”
  • Most Importantly, Share: Now that you’ve invested your time to create a great internship program, it is that important it reaches out to more students. We do our best by sharing your internship program on our social networks. We recommend you too to share your internship program on your facebook/twitter/other social networks/bookmarks. To enable easy sharing, we have a share link on the page on which your internship is posted
  • Write an article/blog: If you have any interesting ideas/advice/insights that you would want to share with students, you can mail it to us and we would be happy to put it up on our blog that all our students read. Here’s what one of our companies wrote for the students:

Here’s an example link to one of the recent postings in which the company has vividly brought across the exact role of the intern, who should take up the internship and how it would benefit them –

We’ll be happy to share with you as and when we get more insights on how you can derive more value out of Twenty19 and your internship programs.

Wishing you the best to make your internship program a big success!

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