Stock Markets workshop at Amrita University, Coimbatore

Twenty19 in partnership with Amrita University, Coimbatore organized a workshop on “Stock Markets – Be the wolf of the wall street” on 7th March 2015. 

The workshop session was presented by,  

Karthikeyan V – Founder & CEO, Twenty19

Hitesh Kumar Jain – Founder & CEO, Investwise

More than 100 students actively participated in the Twenty19 Stock Markets Workshop and interacted during the session.

We had mock trading session and live trading session which covered the activities session.

The Twenty19 DOers – 

Twenty19 Team thanks the entire crew of Anokha 2015, Amrita University Coimbatore for their efforts in the planning/organizing the workshops and their contribution for making the workshop a grand success!

Twenty19 Workshop’s main Coordinator – 

Vipin Unnikrishnan and his team

DOers - Amrita


What participant say about Twenty19 Workshop….

Feedback from Amrita University, Coimbatore
Feedback from Amrita University, Coimbatore

That's how happy workshops the workshop participants are..
That’s how happy workshops the workshop participants are..

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