“We tapped right talent through Internships” – Toukir

Toukir Ahmed, Recruiting Manager of Dose Internet Media shares his views on attracting right talent through internships.

toukirAbout Dose Internet Media

Dose Internet Media is an Internet Media company (part of Layers Technologies) focused on the core area’s of Digital Content and Media creation.

Our network of website’s currently get 500,000 visits per month which is growing at a rate of 25% per month. Our network of website’s currently get most of their traffic from following demographics: USA (33%), India (14%), UK (14%), Australia (6%), Canada (6%).

Our mission is to create connections between people worldwide through our digital content and we strive to do all this in an enjoyable, intelligent and successful manner for our viewers, staff and advertising partners.

The Dispute

Since our main work is Content Generation, we don’t require candidates to be present at office to work full time – many candidates take this as an advantage. We don’t give any deadlines either and because of this candidates do not do a serious job due to which are work flow is affected.

Three main problems that we faced as a start up:

  1. Finding the right Talent
  2. Processing and Discarding unnecessary applications
  3. Difficulty in finding sources to get good applications

The Ticket

We spent a lot time in understanding what could be the best solution to solve these problems – That is when we understood the existence of Internship opportunities for students in India through Twenty19.

We decided to test if this method of recruiting could be the ideal solution for our company – Surprisingly it did solve all our recruiting problems and we had such a overwhelming experience with using internships as a recruitment tool.

Eventually this became our full time recruitment method. Now, all we do is post internships everywhere and hire large group of awesome interns for our company

The Twenty19 Connect

Avatar1-150x150Before approaching Twenty19 we were having too many problems as a startup to deal with the biggest of it was finding the right talent and reaching out to potential candidates.

From the day we started using Twenty19 for our first internship posting the result that we got simply solved our hiring problems largely.

The user base of Twenty19 did a wonderful job for us. Now we get more than 100+ applications/post out of which 50+ applicants always grab the internship opportunity. Currently we have more than 200+ working candidates found through Twenty19.com and they are performing really well.

Ease of recruitment will definitely make me use Twenty19 again and again.

 Customer experience series is a space to feature our customers, their experiences with their interns and what they have in store for prospective students. If you would like your company to be featured, please get in touch with varna@twenty19.com

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