The Best Fonts to Use In a Résumé

If there is one thing that can capture a hiring manager’s fleeting glance and give your resume the attention it deserves, it is the FONT you use. You may be a perfect candidate for the job but how would an employer know if s/he cannot even make out the text on your application.

To avoid such complications and to better project yourself as a suitable candidate, here are the best fonts you can use on your resume.

Times New Roman

An age-old font, Times New Roman is clean and easy-to-read on any computer. Its good readability coupled with visibility makes it an ideal choice for resumes.


Times new roman



A traditional-looking alternative to the Times New Roman is Georgia. It is used mainly for its readability. This font is designed to be read on screen.





This font conveys a sense of fluidity and delicacy on paper. Though being old-style, Garamond suits perfectly for resumes.




Arial is one of the best fonts to use on a resume. It is clean and easy-to-read. It also is the standard choice of many resume writers.





A common website font, Verdana looks good on screen. It has got good visibility and readability. But you have to tone down your font size to put it on paper.





The default Microsoft Word font, Calibri is a safe option to go when writing a resume. It is familiar to most readers and looks good on screen and in print.




Trebuchet MS

A good alternative to Arial and Verdana, Trebuchet MS is a good font choice for candidates who want their resumes to stand out. Though slightly unusual, this font can capture any employer’s attention.


Trebuchet MS



Tahoma is a simple and easy on the eyes. It looks elegant and polished – both on screen and in print.




Here are a few other fonts which have good readability, visibility and legibility.

  • Bodoni MT
  • Cambria
  • Gill Sans MT
  • Bell MT
  • Lucida Sans

All these fonts are legible, easy-to-read and will certainly give your resume a professional look. Book yourself an interview call by building your resume on them.

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